UP Visayas Library launches Chat Bisay

Photo credit: UP Visayas Library on Facebook

The University of the Philippines in the Visayas Library recently launched 'Chat Bisay', their virtual reference service. 'Bisay' is short for Lib-VISAI, or the Library Virtual Services Assistance and Interactions. Bisay is the library virtual chat service for all UP Visayas constituents.

According to a Facebook post, "Chat Bisay is using the Facebook platform. Bisay is the avatar used by the library as “virtual assistant” or persona that users interact with, though librarians are the ones who provide necessary information via chat messaging. Facebook is being used as the platform for this service as most of our users have a Facebook account and it is more convenient for them to send a message through Facebook messenger.

The concept of Bisay is based on Library Virtual Services Assistance and Interactions (Lib-VISAI). The creation of local nickname Bisay is also based on UP Visayas' library location for the purpose of marketing the library services.

The UPV Library Board, during its 07 April 2021 meeting, approved the name of Bisay as the library’s virtual assistant."

UP Visayas students and faculty may use the service for library-related queries, research assistance, online resources access, and document delivery requests. Bisay is available on Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

To avail of Bisay's library services, just send a message to the UP Visayas University Library Facebook page. Bisay can also be reached via e-amail at

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