Haruki Murakami Library to open in Tokyo on 2021

The Waseda International House of Literature or the Haruki Murakami Library is set to open in Waseda University, Tokyo in April 2021. The Library will include Murakami's manuscripts, personal notes, and records. Works related to his writing such as book reviews and translations are also part of the collection. 

The building will include facilities such as research reference rooms, study spaces, seminar and audio spaces, and a cafe. The library is designed by Architect Kengo Kuma.

The University announced in June 2019 their plans to build a library to house the donated works of Haruki Murakami. The bestselling author is an alumnus of the University, graduating from the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences in 1975.

The library's interior design

The Library envisions to help research on Murakami's works. It aims to be a center of study in world literature, translation, and academic and cultural exchange. 

According to Murakami, "I hope the new building will provide an open and welcoming atmosphere for international exchange. It would be wonderful if a designated study room or space is built to hold my works and donated items, where record concerts can be held too. I personally would like to get myself actively involved in these various aspects in creating a place where new discoveries constantly await."

University President Kaoru Kamata stated that "There are three reasons as to why this plan is being unfolded at Waseda University. Firstly, Mr. Murakami is a fellow graduate of Waseda. Secondly, we currently enroll the largest number of international students in Japan, and many of them are studying here out of admiration and respect for Mr. Murakami’s works of literature. Lastly, Mr. Murakami’s works are translated in over 50 countries and are read all over the world. We hope to create a place where cultural exchange among various countries is promoted and where Murakami fans worldwide and scholars of Murakami literature must visit."

Haruki Murakami is an international bestselling author, with his writings and books translated into 50 languages. He usually writes on surrealistic themes and his works are quite hard to pin down on a familiar genre. 

Though I am not reading much of his books anymore, Murakami has had a profound influence on me as a writer. My personal favorites of his works are Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and After Dark

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