IFLA launches Resource Sharing during COVID-19 (RSCVD) Tool

IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)  Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section recently launched an Inter-Library Loan tool for libraries all over the globe, Resource Sharing during COVID-19 (RSCVD)

How the service works: If you need a research paper, article, or book chapter, you can request it from a participating library who has the material through interlibrary loan. In the RSCVD website, you can input the title, DOI, or URL to the search interface.

This service is for librarians from academic, school, public, or special libraries in not-for-profit institutions. An institutional e-mail address is required. It is for electronic resources only as most physical libraries are currently closed. 

Visit the website:

"Upon your request, volunteering committee members and librarians will, first, verify your affiliation and make sure that the request is coming from a library, not an individual. Then, several volunteering librarians will check their collections and provide the materials through the OCLC Article Exchange Service. We cannot guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled, but most of them will be obtainable from the vast digital collections of volunteering libraries.

As a requesting library, you will receive an email notification when the item is ready and the notification will include the link and password to receive the materials. For more information on this service please see the FAQ." -IFLA

This is free of charge and run by volunteers. The service will be up until August 31, 2020, or until there is limited library access in parts of the world affected by the pandemic.

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