Iloilo City Government committed to fostering love of reading among children

The Iloilo City Government is committed to fostering a love of reading among its young citizens by establishing learning facilities across the city's seven districts.

"We want to rekindle the passion for reading in our children," Mayor Jerry P. Treñas declared as the city continues to establish library and reading hubs.

The city's main library, the Graciano Lopez Jaena Shrine and Learning Center, is currently located in Jaro district. Another city-run public library, the Chief Justice Ramon Avanceña Public Library, is being constructed in Sta. Filomena, Arevalo district.

The city has also transformed the second floor of daycare centers in Quintin Salas, Jaro; Nabitasan, La Paz; and Rizal Pala-pala City Proper into libraries. Additional libraries are planned for a community center in La Paz and on General Luna Street, City Proper.

Mayor Treñas emphasized that these learning facilities, in addition to bringing books closer to everyone, can also help detach students and young ones from excessive exposure to technology, particularly cell phone usage.

The city mayor expressed his gratitude to the private sector for their generous donations of books, computer sets, and other learning materials to equip the libraries.

Recently, the Asia Foundation pledged to donate three container vans of books, including children's books, to the city libraries. Additionally, a business process outsourcing company has donated used computer sets, requiring only the provision of internet connectivity by the city.

These initiatives demonstrate the city's commitment to fostering a culture of reading among its youth, providing them with access to books and learning resources that will enrich their minds and expand their horizons.

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