FREE Filipino online dictionary: KWF Diksiyonáryo ng Wíkang Filipíno

The Komisyón sa Wíkang Filipíno or the Commission on the Filipino Language has launched a free, online dictionary of the Filipino language: the KWF Diksiyonáryo ng Wíkang Filipíno.

This online dictionary is derived from the Diksiyonaryo ng Wikang Filipíno that was first published in 1989. This is the first monolingual dictionary of the Filipino language with 31,245 words. It has been released in newer editions, and was once again edited and improved for the online edition.

Explore the online Filipino dictionary at

The Commission encourages users to provide their feedback to improve the online dictionary. For questions, you may contact them via e-mail at

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Komisyón sa Wíkang Filipíno. (2021, December 15). Online Diksiyonaryo ng Wikang Filipino, Ilulunsad ng KWF! [Status update]. Facebook.

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