Free Book: Safe Space, A Kid’s Guide to Data Privacy

The Globe eLibrary launched a book for kids on data privacy. The free downloadable book is entitled Safe Space: A Kid's Guide to Data Privacy.

The book was created by the collaborative effort of Globe, National Privacy Commission, and the Center for Art, New Ventures & Sustainable Development (CANVAS). Liza Flores is the illustrator.

The book is targeted for children aged 7-12 to help them understand online security and data privacy. The book includes the importance of keeping personal information private, how our online information can be in danger, and tips for parents and kids.

Children are spending more time online for education and entertainment. This makes them vulnerable to those who may gather personal information about them to use for nefarious purposes.

The book contains interactive activities such as games, puzzles, and illustrations for coloring.

Download the book for free from Globe eLibrary.

The Globe eLibrary is both a web platform and mobile application that provides students and educators with free and quick access to digital story books and eLearning videos. It features age-appropriate and engaging educational resources tailored to children and young adults in the Philippines. Users can enjoy free access to hundreds of digital titles and video content through their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.

Globe eLibrary website can be accessible via free data for Globe and TM subscribers (more information).

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