#Humans of the Library: Marky Bacordo, RL, the #LakwatserongLibrarian

Mark Andrew "Marky" Bacordo in Lakawon Island for his 26th Birthday

It's been awhile since there was a #Humans of the Library post in this blog. Due to the pandemic, librarians are adjusting to the new normal. One recent issue librarians are still talking about is the recent comment by the NLP Director that there are "no schools in the provinces offering Library Science courses." Which is wrong, there are many good LIS schools producing librarians in the provinces. Anyway, here's a librarian who graduated LIS from a school in General Santos City. 

In fact, three out of five previous guests in this blog series are librarians from good LIS schools in the provinces: Christian George Acevedo, Jolo Van Clyde Abatayo, and Carl Joseph Burlat

Our 6th featured librarian is Mark Andrew D. Bacordo, RL, or more known as Marky Bacordo on social media. He graduated BLIS from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, General Santos City and graduated in 2014. He took his MLIS from Saint Columban College, Pagadian City. He took the board exam in April 2015 and has been working as a professional librarian for 5 years. He is the current Campus Librarian of Jose Rizal Memorial State University- Dipolog Campus.

Let's get to know about him, his librarianship career so far, and you will find most interesting is his insights on travel as he is an avid traveler. One of his goals is to visit all 81 provinces in the Philippines and has visited 30 so far. We may not be able to travel right now due to the pandemic, but you can find useful tips for your next planned trip. He also has an Instagram account, @markytheexplorer01. You can find his travel posts on social media through the hashtags #MarkytheExplorer, #LakwatserongLibrarian, #Project81PH.

Why and how did you become a librarian?
Librarian as my profession was by an accident. At first, I didn't even know that there is a Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) program in college. It was during the time when I was hired as a working student in Bro. Paul Meuten Library of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. I was influenced by my co-working student Ate Pamela Santizo-Emerson, RL and my first unit head Ms. Lyna Estabillo, RL in the institution I worked with for 5 years. They encouraged me to take librarianship as a degree because of job opportunities await for BLIS graduates as librarians are in demand. I didn't regret that I took up LIS because it opens me to many opportunities and I can broaden my knowledge and skills in this chosen endeavor. Maybe I was not born to be a hero, but I was born to be a librarian who is passionately dedicated to serving the institution and community where I am into.

Can you share your present work in the library field (you can also include significant past experience)?
Presently, I am the Campus Librarian of Jose Rizal Memorial State University- Dipolog Campus. Being a librarian in the academic library is not an easy job, especially when the accreditation, survey, and CHED visit is fast approaching. Balance and time management are the two critical factors for me to avoid stress in the work environment. Aside from my usual routine as a Campus Librarian, I am also a research adviser in both undergraduate and senior high school students here in our institution. It is a rewarding feeling for me when I can help students with their research work. I am also actively involved in the library organization, specifically in PLAI ZamPen Region as the current Public Relation Officer. 

My current work in the librarianship field contributes to where I am right now. So far, the highlights of my career as a librarian apart from my usual daily routine are the following. First, when I presented my paper in the 2nd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Filipino Studies held at De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Cavite last November 18, 2018. Second, when I presented the research paper of my master’s thesis adviser and mentored late Dr. Nora G. Agustero in the PLAI Congress 2019 at Tagaytay International Convention Center, Tagaytay City, Cavite. It was my gift for her before she died by granting her request to be her representative on the said presentation. And lastly, my first research article entitled “e-Union Catalog: Local History Resources of Dipolog and Dapitan Cities” was published by my Alma mater Saint Columban College, Pagadian City, as part of the first-ever graduate school research journal. 

His first PLAI National Congress experience PLAI experience as a Registered Librarian

Moreover, my present work allows me to foster my professional and personal development. It broadens my understanding to expand my horizon and to love the craft that I am into. I always dream of being a MAD librarian. Because I want to Make A Difference (MAD) to every library user I serve and also to my colleagues in the profession in my simple way. In that way, they can see the real essence of a librarian in the community, especially in this digital environment. 

What makes librarianship special, unique, or different from other professions? 
The library is the gateway to knowledge. Thus, the librarian is the bridge between the users and the information. Without the presence of the librarians/ LIS professionals, the classification and organization of information sources are precisely a disastrous and chaotic one. This makes librarianship a special and unique from other professions. 

You seem to be an avid traveler. Can you share the most memorable or interesting place you traveled (here or abroad)?
I’ve been to 30 PH Provinces and I think that all my travels are memorable. Every place that I’ve been to gives me an unforgettable journey that are truly treasured memories. But the most memorable one was when I had my first solo birthday trip in Lakawon Island, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental last April 2018. Indeed, it was a bucket list unlocked for me to celebrate my birthday on he island. I met travelers from Cebu City who happened they are heading to the island too. The interesting there was that they don’t even know that it was my birthday. They knew when I posted a picture in my Instagram account @markytheexplorer01. Hahaha… (I’m so bad ba na di ko sila ininform). So far, it was one of the best birthday celebrations that I had. 

I highly recommend Lakawon Island to all the travelers especially to all librarians who are travel enthusiasts. The island is beautifully blessed with white sands, crystal clear blue water, and amazing spots that surely Instagrammable and worth your money, time and effort.

What do you love about traveling?
Traveling is a challenging and learning experience that everyone should try. I started my traveling journey since 2016 and the rest is history. My current goal right now is to finish the 81 provinces of the Philippines (30/81 achieved), that’s why I am using the hashtags #MarkytheExplorer #LakwatserongLibrarian and #Project81PH for my travels every time I posted photos in my IG, FB and Twitter accounts. 

Traveling exposes me to discover new places and meet new people from all walks of life. Undeniably, it is a rewarding and fulfilling experience to see the beauty of God’s creation and to witness how people live, their culture and tradition, their whereabouts and etc. Nevertheless, it opens my mind to a new perspective outside of my comfort zone. It helps me to figure things out and how capable I am as a person to develop a wider world view.

Do you have any tips for people (like stressed librarians) who'd like to travel but are on a tight budget? 
I am a backpacker and solo traveler most of the time. Traveling is not for expensive resorts, beaches, foods, islands, and even luxurious hotels. It is up to a person how he/she manage his/her trips. The best tips I can share with those stressed librarians who are on a tight budget that who wants to travel is to have #TITE (Trabaho. Ipon. Travel. Enjoy). We are here in this world not to spend your life working alone. Have a break and give time for yourself to enjoy things outside of your usual daily routine. Traveling is one avenues to free yourself from a stressful working environment. And I can attest to that! Kaya #EUT na!!! Eat. Unwind. Travel. 

What are your travel essentials or things you can't travel without?
Mobile phone for my photography that is surely worth to post on my Instagram and other social media accounts. Beach shorts, sando and polo for my #OOTD and #OOTN. Sunblock to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays. Shades, cap, and other accessories to add fashion for my trip. Medicines such as anti-allergy, paracetamol, pain relief rub for emergency purposes. And most especially I should have enough BUDGET because without money I can’t travel. 

From your experience in traveling, was there something you could apply to your professional life as a librarian? 
Traveling makes a person a storyteller. As a librarian, I can share my traveling experiences to my library users, colleagues in the profession and people who are seeking adventures and fond of exploration through giving tips on what-to-do and whereabouts, and recommendation on the places to visit. Aside from that, through my traveling experiences helps me to value more time management and boosting more of my self-confidence which I can really apply to my work as librarian. 

Do you have other interests and hobbies?
Aside from traveling, I am also into dancing (halata naman siguro during PLAI Congress ako ang nagpasimuno sa sayawan and you can check my TikTok account @markytheexplorer01 for more dance videos), singing (I am a frustrated singer), cooking (my friends said that I am good in cooking) and photography. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about librarianship?
Librarianship is a rare and unique profession. It is like precious gems that need to be valued. Thus, the role of the librarian in the society should be appreciated, especially in times of information crisis, because librarians are trained in dealing with information sources and retrieval.

Thank you to Mr. Marky Bacordo for answering these questions.

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