#Humans of the Library: Jolo Van Clyde Abatayo, LIS instructor, writer, and librarian

Our 2nd #HumansoftheLibrary guest: Jolo Van Clyde Abatayo, LIS instructor, writer, and librarian
This is the second entry on the new #Humans of the Library series in this blog, where we will feature a Filipino working in the library field in the Philippines. I hope that this will also shed light on the different people from all walks of life who work on different sides of the library profession. Want to be featured or know someone? Feel free to comment!

Our second guest may be familiar with any social-media-savvy librarian. He is Mr. Jolo Van Clyde S. Abatayo, RL. He is the librarian behind LibrarJuan's Domain blog and Facebook page. His page about librarianship, which is both fun and informative, has over 3,000 followers and likes. I knew of his blog as I'm always on the lookout for library-related content to share on my own page. I'm always glad to see other librarians who also blog.

A professional librarian since 2016, he graduated his BLIS from Southern Christian College, Midsayap, North Cotabato. He is also a writer, having received a Campus Journalist of the Year award during his college days. He is currently taking his Master's in LIS from Lourdes College, Cagayan de Oro City. He is working as a college instructor as well as the Program Head of the BLIS Program of Saint Michael College of Caraga.

Get to know him and his passion for Librarianship, LIS Education, and writing:

Why did you become a librarian? 
I’ve taken two courses (BS in Computer Engineering and AB English) before taking BLIS. To be honest, it was a very long story. I actually wrote a blog article about it on my blog (here’s the link: LibrarJuan and proud!) so that others (who are not completely aware) will have the chance to read my book.

Moreover, because of curiosity, since I was not so familiar with the course, I decided to enter its realm to see its real beauty. Later on, I found out that the role of a librarian in academics, research, extension, and other aspects of life is very vital! Without us, learning and literacy will never be the same. Thus, I want to be a catalyst for change and progress, that’s why I am doing my best to become an effective and efficient information professional to touch and augment lives!

Can you share your present work in the library field? 
I currently work as a Program Head of the BLIS Program of Saint Michael College of Caraga, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. I am so happy right now because I am on the right track. I consider LIS instruction as my career path and my advocacy. I also handle general education subjects (like social science subjects in SHS and College) because my employer also gives me opportunities to open other doors. Aside from these, I also serve as one of the research advisors of SMCC (when it comes to assessing the accuracy, up-to-datedness, and validity of information, and checking of citations and bibliographies).

Mr. Jolo Van Clyde Abatayo, RL, with his students
What makes librarianship special, unique, or different from other professions?
Aside from the fact that LIS is one of the priority courses of CHED, it is a very enthralling program. It is not just about librarianship; it is beyond that. It is about touching lives. It is an art that augments learning. It is a craft that promotes literacy among people. It is a science that empowers fruitful discovery and innovation.

Anyone can be someone, but not all can be a Librarian!

You also have a blog (LibrarJuan's Domain) and a Facebook page about librarianship. Can you share what you learn from the experience and how has it helped you in your profession?
Having a blog provides me a venue to continue what I really love doing which is WRITING. For the information of everybody, I became a feature editor of our official student publication for two consecutive years and it made me appreciate writing!

My blog enables me to express my overflowing ideas about everything and it gives me the privilege to inspire many people, especially my BLIS students. It helps me reach every librarian and every future librarian in every corner of the country to become their best bud! Lastly, you know that librarianship requires so much writing and it is a great advantage if you are skilled in it because it will be easier for you to formulate collection development policy statements, narrative reports, action plans, memos, test questionnaires, RRL, and many more (job-related or research-related written works).

Aside from librarianship, what else are your interests and hobbies?
I so love writing, singing, and cooking. My dreams are the following:
  • I want to write and publish my book in the near future. LoL!
  • I want to be a contestant of Idol Ph. ROFL!
  • I want to be a contestant of MasterChef US, Australia, or Asia. LoL!
Is there anything else you would like to share about librarianship?
Kung may kakilala ka na Laybraryan, ingatan at mahalin mo sya. Bibihira ka na lang na makatagpo ng tulad niya! Haha!

Thanks to Mr. Abatayo for his time in answering these questions and sharing his thoughts. I've noticed that most who take Library Science didn't initially intend to be librarians - usually, people just discover LIS by accident and learn that there are also many opportunities in this field.

From this interview, I also learned that aside from having competent librarians, good LIS instructors are also important. I have also taught review classes and one subject (not that good at it) and I know it's not an easy job. I'm also lucky that my own LIS professors in college and grad school are very inspiring and helpful as well.

Again, I'm still looking for other librarians or people who work in the library field who can be featured in this blog. I'd like to interview librarians but this is also open to library work students, LIS teachers, library personnel, and para-professionals. Anyone, really, with an interest in books, literature, and libraries.

If you would like to be featured in this series, don't hesitate to drop a comment or message me on the Malditang Librarian Facebook page.

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