Smithsonian released 2.8 million images free for public use

Last February, the Smithsonian Institution has launched a new online platform with a focus on open-access materials. Recently, 2.8 million images from their varied collections were made available for free to the public domain.

Go to the Smithsonian Open Access website

The Smithsonian Institution, or commonly knows as Smithsonian, is a group of research centers and museums managed by the United States government. It was founded in 1846 and named after James Smithson, the British founding donor of the Institution. It is composed of 19 museums, 21 libraries, 9 research centers, and a zoo.

According to their official website, the "initiative removes Smithsonian copyright restrictions from about 2.8 million of its digital collection images and nearly two centuries of data. This means that people everywhere can now download, transform and share this open access content for any purpose, for free, without further permission from the Smithsonian."

The repository is still being updated with new materials. It includes high-definition images of their collections' items, research data, and metadata. They include resources from a wide variety of subjects such as art, science, history, culture, and technology.

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