Free resources on Fake News from Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis, an international publisher of books and academic journals, is offering their research articles and an eBook on Fake News for free until June 30, 2020.

"With the introduction of smartphones, social media, and digital news, it has never been easier to share and forward information, leading to the rise in"fake news" (i.e. false information) globally," according to their website.

Fake news is defined as deliberate misinformation and spreading of false news usually found on social media. Fake news is usually written to mislead or damage a person or group's reputation.

The website features research papers and articles on Fake News from their journals. They also feature a free eBook available for download, Fake News and the Media. The book "discusses the rise of fake news and how it has affected different aspects of the world we know today; including social trends, political communication, and journalism." The book is composed of chapters from 8 different books on media and fake news.

To access, go to:

Fake News Selected articles and e-book chapters for your research

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