PLAI celebrates 100 years in 2023, unveils centennial logo

Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. centennial logo

The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc., the Accredited Professional Organization of professional librarians in the Philippines, will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary this 2023. The organization was founded in 1923. 

This March 20, 2023, PLAI revealed a special logo to commemorate the occasion. The logo is designed by by Maria Pretty Lay Abdala, PLAI Treasurer.

Here is a description of the logo from PLAI:

"The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI) Centennial logo is composed of various elements that represent the organization's mission and vision.

The three bamboos represent the three major islands in the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, indicating the national scope of the organization.

The leaves represent the 17 regional councils and their associated organizations in the region, highlighting the PLAI's goal of promoting unity and cooperation among librarians and other professions in different regions of the country.

The flame and bamboo symbolize continuous and never-ending improvement, reflecting the PLAI's commitment to the professional growth and development of its members.

The ribbon represents the PLAI's awareness of and support for various library associations, both locally and internationally.

The book symbolizes the role of libraries in the Philippines and the PLAI's commitment to promoting access to information and knowledge.

The brown color represents PLAI's recognition and authority in the library profession in the country. It is a dependable and comforting color that suggests a sense of being grounded.

The gold color represents the success, achievement, and wisdom that PLAI aspires to achieve. It symbolizes the organization's commitment to excellence in the library profession.

The color green represents new beginnings, growth, and stability. It symbolizes the security and hope that the PLAI provides to its members as they strive for professional growth and development.

The yellow color represents the optimism, creativity, and intellect that characterize the PLAI and its members as they pursue their goals and aspirations in the library profession. It is a bright, positive, and cheerful color that symbolizes the organization's commitment to innovation and intellectual pursuits.

The PLAI Centennial logo is a powerful representation of the organization's vision, mission, and values."

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