FREE webinar with 2 CPD points: Best practices in file naming in Libraries and Archives

Proper file naming is important for the effective organization, preservation, standardization, and access of digital files in libraries and archives. File naming can help in many aspects of library and archive work.

If files are named consistently and descriptively, they can be easily sorted and searched for later. Digital files can be easily lost or damaged over time. By using consistent file naming conventions, libraries and archives can ensure that files are preserved and accessible for future use.

Standardized file naming help ensure that files are named in a consistent and recognizable way across the library or archive. This can prevent confusion and errors, and ensure that files are easily identified and understood. If files are not named correctly, it may be difficult for users to locate and access the information they need.

This free webinar can teach proper file naming for students and practitioners in libraries and archives: 

The Asosasyon ng Aklatan at Sinupan ng Diliman, Inc. (AASDI) will be conducting a free webinar with 2.0 CPD points on the topic, "Best Practices in File Naming in Libraries and Archives" on April 21, 2023 (Friday), 1:30-4:30 PM via Zoom.


  1. To know the significance of file naming in organizing electronic records 
  2. To adopt and develop file naming guidelines applicable to various digital files in libraries and archives
  3. To engage the participants in creating their organizations’ file structures and to apply the general rules for file naming digital records.

Ms. Eimee Rhea C. Lagrama, Deputy University Librarian and Head of the University Archives Division of UP Diliman, will lead the discussion about file naming: structure, elements, name/type of file, and version control.

Registration link: Zoom registration

Please note that the webinar is only limited to 300 participants.

See the program below:

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