My 5 best budget meals from GrabFood - great Ilonggo food that starts from ₱99

Busy people like me love the convenience of GrabFood. As a librarian, part-time teacher, blogger, and content creator, I don’t always have the time to prepare food. Whenever I don’t have time for cooking or craving for a quick snack (or a dose of caffeine), I just choose from a wide range of options in the Grab superapp and have it delivered anywhere I am. 

It is not only convenient, but there are a lot of promos daily that help save money. With the rising prices of goods and services, I am always looking for affordable options and discounts. Now, choosing a cheap but tasty meal is easier with Everyday Value Meals - just select ‘Starts at P99’ on GrabFood and you can choose from different restaurants that can fit your budget.

Here are my favorite affordable meals from local restaurants in Iloilo City available to order in GrabFood.

Combo meal: Fried chicken, ensalada and rice from JD Bakery Cafe - P135

JD Bakery Cafe is a local favorite among Ilonggos for affordable food, cakes, and pastries. This combo meal with the signature JD fried chicken, rice, and Ilonggo ensalada is just perfect for breakfast or lunch. I also added desserts such as ensaymada mongo (P24) and garlic biscocho (P23). I now have food to energize me for the day without breaking the bank. You can also add on coffee drinks for less than P100!

Bangus Sisig and rice from Lechon Haus - P130

A healthier alternative to the regular pork sisig, this seafood version tastes just as great. 

Longganisa with garlic rice and egg from Prince Baker - P164

One can never go wrong with classic Filipino breakfast food. You can also choose from a variety of baked goods and coffee from Prince Baker as add-ons.

Iced Oat Latte from Coffee Brewtherhood - P160

For those who can’t live without coffee like me, a good coffee drink is a meal in itself. This latte uses oat milk instead of regular milk. The oat milk gives it a slight nutty flavor. For those who have not tried oat milk before, it is surprisingly creamy and just right for coffee.

Un-Sisig Bowl from Monkey Grounds - P220

This plant-based sisig with brown rice, egg, and mayo is a bit on the pricey side as it's over 200 pesos, but it is worth it! Monkey Grounds is famous for their wide range of plant-based meals ideal for the health-conscious. Instead of pork, this dish uses tofu, mushrooms, and plant-based ingredients with the taste of sisig but without the fat. The vegan option with no egg or mayo is P215. 

Choosing an affordable meal is easy - just open the Grab app, go to GrabFood, and select the ‘Starts at P99+’ option. GrabFood has daily promos and offers for a more sulit eating experience.

Download the Grab app on the iStore or Google Play Store!

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