Call for entries: Photovoice Project for local heritage collections of Philippine libraries

Libraries in the Philippines are encouraged to submit entries to the Photovoice Project: Local Heritage Collections of Libraries in the Philippines in celebration of the 2022 Libraries and Information Services month this November. This was launched by the the National Commission for Culture and the Arts through the National Committee on Libraries and Information Services.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Encourage libraries all over the country to document their local heritage collections;
  • Showcase the local heritage collection to more audiences through an online photo exhibit; and
  • Generate community awareness on the significance of books and other printed local heritage resources available in libraries as tangible cultural heritage resources.

This is also an avenue for librarians and information workers all over the country to showcase their libraries’ local heritage collection to more audiences through a Photo Exhibit for the LIS Month celebration in November 2022.

The deadline for submissions is on August 31, 2022. See guidelines and mechanics below:


Participation in the Photovoice Project is open to all types of libraries in the public and private sectors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

2.1. Participating libraries are allowed to submit a maximum of three (3) photos of books (1 photo per book) which the library owns as part of their local heritage collection by accomplishing this form, uploading the photographs and submitting the certificate of originality. 

2.2.1. The submissions must be photographs of books, manuscripts and other printed publications from the participating Library’s local heritage collection. 
2.2.2. The photograph must be a clear image of the cover of the book and must conform to the following specifications: 
Photograph dimension: 1080x1920 pixels, rendered in JPG/PNG, 
300ppi, and RGB color 

2.2.3. The orientation of the photo shall be parallel to the orientation of the book itself.
● Valid entry: 

● Invalid entry: 

Photovoice Project: Local Heritage Collections of Libraries in the Philippines

2.2.4. The photos are governed by laws and issuances concerning intellectual property. Thus, participants are strictly advised to submit new and original photographs.
2.2.5. The photographer shall certify that the submitted photograph/s is/are original by completing the Certificate of Originality, and noted by the head librarian of the participating library. Download and sign the template of the certificate here:

2.3. PHOTO CAPTION: The Librarian must provide a rationale that gives an in-depth description about the local heritage collection shown/ depicted in the picture, as follows: 

Format: 1 page letter sized (8.5”x11”), double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 
2.3.1. Bibliographic description of the book or document such as: 
  • Title 
  • Author/ Creator 
  • Place of publication or production
  • Date of publication or production 
  • Number of pages 
  • Type of Material (books, newspapers, magazines, theses, dissertations, musical composition, etc.) 
  • Keywords 
  • Annotated bibliography (literary, historical, religious, societal, cultural, political, linguistic or artistic significance of the book or document to our heritage and identity as a people and nation) 

2.3.2. Mode of acquisition. 
Optional: Provenance of the book or document. Please give a short narrative on how the book came to the possession of the Library if applicable (was it bequeathed, donated, etc., if so, by whom?) 

2.3.3. Current state or condition of the local heritage collection depicted in the photograph (ex. dilapidated, torn, brittle/yellow pages, etc.) 

2.4. COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP RIGHT: It is understood that by submitting entries to the project, participating libraries hereby grants the NCCA the right to use and exhibit in any form all photographs and information provided. 

2.5. Submissions will be screened and reviewed by the NCLIS LIS Month Technical Working Group prior to its inclusion to the photo exhibit which will be launched at the NCCA Website in November in time for the celebration of the LIS Month. 

2.6. Participating libraries’ representative may be invited to the focus group discussion in November which will discuss the state, issues, and best practices of the library. 

2.7. Deadline of submission is on August 31, 2022. All submissions and pertinent documents and information may be uploaded through the link below: 

2.8. A certificate/plaque of appreciation and token will be distributed to participating libraries whose submissions are featured in the photo exhibit.

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