Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: A book on cultivating your vision by Coach Nile

Dreams and visions are just concepts until one lives them out in their journey. These are the content of Coach Nile's book, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time! Discover life tools that changed his course for the last five years.

Nile Kris Jan Banga is known as Coach Nile to his friends and colleagues. He is the creator of Nile on Weekends and Watch Out - Iloilo. He is the founder and lead strategist of Identity Branding and Marketing. He is also a founding core member of Iloilo Bloggers Society. From being a one-man team to having a squad today, he has been working with several brands in and outside Iloilo for the last five years. 

Writing his first book

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Coach Nile started writing his first book when the world entered in a quarantine status last May 2020. He recollected his several talks and realized one thing. "I have been speaking to pockets events in Iloilo City organized by friends either for branding talks or inspirational sessions. One common question I get is how did I start my career as a brand consultant and a life coach," he explained. 

"It all started back in 2015 with a vision. It is a lengthy discussion in one sitting discussion . I thought of writing my whole journey into a book," he furthered. He shared the struggles, pains, and victories he experienced in those years.

The launching of the book made a huge impact to Coach Nile as a brand and as a person. His book was first celebrated October 22 last year in Festive Walk Mall with a lot of help from friends and brand partners. 

"Writing, publishing and launching this book opened me to a new dimension of influence," Nile shared. He believes that influence through published books conveys a sense of permanence. After publishing and launching first book Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, "people began to see me in a more serious and valuable light," he continued.

The author with his first book

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Don't Miss Your Time

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is about Coach Nile's five-year journey crossing employment into becoming his own company as a service provider to brands and businesses. It discusses concepts about dreaming about your future and envisioning your life. It is also filled with practical steps to jumpstart your journey with the right tools at hand. 

The book will take you on a journey from having a seed of dream to a dream-come-true moment. You will discover dynamics that affect your momentum as a dreamer. 

Reactions from Readers

The book will move you, encourage you, and challenge you forward to your destiny. - Rev. Ruth Cube Keijdener, Founder of Beautiful Powerful Women

Nowadays, it is a gift to encounter someone with the passion and commitment to make a difference in the life of others. Nile fully imparted that passion and commitment in his first book to teach us the value of stepping out of our comfort zone and believing God for greater feats. - Gerthrode Charlotte Tan-Mabilog, Vice President and COO of Alphacrest Academy and a 13-year GMA News anchorwoman and Ratsada Executive Producer

Running a vision

Be open to ideas. 

Cultivate the intention to think. "Intentionality always preceeds the activity. To see your vision unfolds, be intentional in thinking about it, planning for it, and seizing it as it grow," Coach Nile implored. Ideas always starts from a simple spark of inspiration that God injects as you think. "Sift through the rubbles. Invest in feeding your mind with good and valuable thoughts," he explained. Remember, garbage in means garbage out.

Prepare the skills. 

Ideas stay intangible without the right skill. "Vision stays spiritual until one converts it into action. Learn to develop the right skill in your journey," he observed. If a person envisions life to be a great singer someday, "one must develop the skill in singing the right notes and hearing the right tune," he cited as an example.

Have an eye for opportunities.

"I have said over and over again that the disparity in living the vision from those who have grown their skills over the years is the eye for the right opportunities," Coach Nile implied. You may have developed the most profound skill in your industry. "Without seeing the opportunities where to land will keep you training hard without achieving much," he continued. Some may have all the opportunities but lack the skills to qualify in that career or industry. 

"Develop these three - ideas, skills, and eye for opportunities," coach said. The book will discuss about these and many more. Make sure to get a copy now.

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