Marayum: a free, collaborative online dictionary of Philippine languages

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Marayum, an online dictionary and a collaborative platform where users may add words in their own languages, was launched early this year. This dictionary-making tool is focused on Philippine indigenous languages.

According to its website, “Marayum was developed to allow interested language communities to create an online dictionary whose content would be owned by its members and peer-reviewed by language experts.” Their goal is to build a dictionary created by those who speak and use the language.

Marayum is created and maintained by a research team in University of the Philippines Diliman, headed by Project Leader, Mario Carrion. The project was funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Marayum started with four language dictionaries: Asi-English, Cebuano-English, Hiligaynon-English, and Kinaray-a-English. Currently being developed and added are dictionaries in the following languages: Bikol-Buhi’non-English, Bikol-Central-English, Bikol-Rinconada-English, Masbatenyo-English, and Ilocano-English. Marayum is also planning to add more languages in the future.

These dictionaries are maintained by their communities, with assigned language experts to review submitted entries.

Visit Marayum at Users who are interested in contributing to the dictionary are encouraged to create their own account, but for those who only want to browse and learn about the languages are free to use the site without signing up.

“Marayum” is an Asi (the language spoken in Romblon) word for "wise words." The goal of Marayum is to help preserve local languages.

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