2021 Librarians Licensure Examination RESULTS

This 2021 board examination is very different from previous examinations because of COVID-19. In a way, it is more difficult because of the pandemic. Aside from the usual requirements set by the PRC, there are additional health protocols to follow. Now, test-takers have to adhere to more rules such as social distancing, maintaining cleanliness at every turn, and taking swab tests to make sure that you are not infected before taking the exam.

Additional requirements also mean additional expenses for test-takers. Travel is more difficult and risky at this time. Quarantine classifications and border restrictions must be taken into account. Examinees who live near testing centers are lucky, but for most who have to travel to take a board exam are facing more challenges than before. To have an idea of current guidelines, see Program, schedule, and new normal guidelines for the Librarians Licensure Examination.

This is the first Librarians Licensure Examination with COVID-19. Depending on what happens with the pandemic, we might see this type of exam in the next few years. Last year, the exam was postponed due to COVID-19. I think 2020 was the first time the LLE was postponed ever, since it started in 1992. 

Read more: PRC: June to August 2020 board exams postponed to 2021.

The Librarian Licensure Examination 2021 was last September 8-9, 2021 (Wednesday and Thursday). Testing venues will be in NCR, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Legaspi, Lucena, Rosales, Tacloban and Tuguegarao. 

The results was released on the evening of September 13, Monday, 2 working days after the board exam.

113 out of 237 (47.7%) takers passed the Librarian Licensure Examination 2021. See the full list of passers here.

2021 Librarians Licensure Examination Top 10 Passers

1. Francisco Fillon Magpantay Jr. (University of the Philippines – Diliman, 90.50%)
2. Rebilyn Garcia Roman (City College of Angeles, Pampanga, 88.70%)
3. Ian Dominic Pasicolan Sipin (University of the Philippines – Diliman, 87.80%)
4. Ma Nicole Reduta Tacuboy (University of the Philippines – Diliman, 86.95%)
5. Iris Jill Duqueza (University of Mindanao – Davao City, 86.70%)
Simon Philip Reyes Sacramento (University of the Philippines – Diliman, 86.70%)
6. Nico Jose Monteveros Regalado (University of the Philippines – Diliman, 86.60%)
7. Dennis Tadura Modes (University of Southeastern Philippines – Davao City, 86.40%)
8. Mikhaella Dela Torre Javier (University of the Philippines – Diliman, 86.35%)
9. Ynna Francesca Javier Pidor (University of Mindanao – Davao City, 86.10%)
10. Samuel Vicente Refugio Jr. (University of Mindanao – Davao City, 85.15%)


2021 Librarians Licensure Examination Top Schools

Top performing schools are schools with six or more examinees with at least 80% passing percentage.
University of the Philippines – Diliman
Saint Paul University – Surigao
Adventist University of the Philippines
University of Mindanao – Davao City

Reaction to the 2021 Librarians Licensure Examination

As I expected, there was a fewer number of test-takers compared to the previous years. The passing percentage is low compared to previous LLEs as well. The lower number of takers may be attributed to the new requirements, and quarantine classifications in various provinces which makes travel difficult and costly - including the new requirement of the negative swab test or quarantine certificate. I think it didn't help that at this time, many provinces and cities are still under MECQ. Iloilo City is one example. 

As expected, UP Diliman has been consistently the top performing school in the LLE, with 6 graduates in the top 10. However, the University of Mindanao in Davao City is also stepping up with a 100% passing rate and 3 graduates in the top 10.

While this has been a difficult year for the LLE, I've seen in many Facebook posts that many are enrolling in the Bachelor's of Library and Information Science course. I do hope that more people take the LLE (and pass) on 2022 and the next few years.

However, I also hope that the exam would be easier for test-takers. I heard some test-takers who were required to take a swab test twice, in going to the testing location and back to their local provinces. This is really sad for those who have limited budgets and tight finances. The board exam is already difficult enough. Swab tests should be cheaper for test-takers. I think that some may have been reluctant to take the exam in the first place for financial reasons. The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, money-wise. It's understandable if some LIS graduates postpone taking the exam to a later time.

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