Video: Day in the Life of a Librarian

Day in the Life of a Librarian / Library Tour / Library Digitization / Institutional Repositories

I am sharing a day in my life as a librarian in the new normal with a mini-tour of my library office/work space. We are digitizing materials for the BAHANDIAN Institutional Repository for the Central Philippine University's research publications. Visit the BAHANDIAN Repository:

What is life like for a librarian during COVID-19? There has been an increased demand for online resources and digital services. We created a digital research repository for our students and community to be able to access these resources online. Social media and online networks are also becoming important. I will also share part of my work - maintaining online platforms and creating online content for our websites and pages. 

Apologies for the quality, it was quite dark and cloudy when I filmed some scenes and I'm only using my phone camera.

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