2020, a year in review

Ever since I started this blog, I would post every new year about how the past year has been and what I hope to accomplish in the next. (My new year posts since 2016 is under the 'new year' tag)

2020 has been very interesting (not in a good way, though). A pandemic that started in another part of the world, which once seemed far away, has affected every aspect of our lives and caused tremendous change like no other. It has been so overwhelming and I don't feel like mentioning it all. It's been talked about too much.

Started a new job

When the year began, I was looking for a job and waiting for opportunities. I started working in Henry Luce III Library of Central Philippine University in March, but two weeks later in my new job, it was lockdown until May. 

When we got back in June, we had to adjust to changes at work and everyday life. Jobs, lives, and many things were lost. This is my first job after I finished my Master's degree and the first regular job (meaning, not contractual) I got.

There were many changes and challenges in the library world, but it also opened many opportunities. Though challenging, it was also a great time for innovation. We had to move to more online platforms and rethink the way we deliver services. I like my job so far.

I also started teaching part-time for the LIS program in my university. It was really challenging to teach online and I'm not that confident in my teaching abilities. I will continue to teach this 2nd semester on a new subject in the curriculum, and I really need to prepare for that one.

Emerging International Voices

I was accepted in the Emerging International Voices Network, a joint project of IFLA and the Goethe Institute. This program is for "young library advocates to share best-practice examples of libraries worldwide engaging with their digital communities." I was accepted along with 17 other participants selected all over the world.

There was a series of webinars with librarians in the international library field. It was also a great experience to know other librarians around the world. What's interesting to me is that the pandemic forced a shift in library services - and we were all surprised. Even libraries in advanced countries faced the same challenges as ours.

To read more about my experience, all posts are under the #Emerging International Voices tag in this blog.


Last 2019, I lost weight (30+ pounds) and started a healthier lifestyle. This 2020 was a huge challenge there! During the lockdown, the gym was closed and I was worried if I can keep up with the food I eat. However, I'm glad I still got the habit of working out so I was consistent in exercising at home even during lockdown. This year, I think I did a good on not gaining the weight back. This year, I aim to push harder on my fitness goals.

Things are slowly going back to normal compared to the panic last March. People are cautious about the virus, but the fear is not as rampant as before. In my own workplace, there were a few times that we had to quarantine ourselves because one of our colleagues happened to be in contact with someone who was positive.

I wrote last July, "A part of me still resists the current situation and I wish this pandemic hasn't happened at all. Until now there is still an air of uncertainty and fear with the growing number of cases in the country and the news showing grimmer statistics. But I guess we'll just have to live with it, do what we can, and hope things will get better." But now, with the news of a vaccine, there is hope that soon, this will be over and things will get better.

Here are my previous posts about my experiences during lockdown and the so-called 'new normal':


For me, this was the least exciting New Year. I slept through the usual celebrations, which we can't do much anyway. New years often feel like the start of a new chapter, but I didn't feel that.

2020 has been said to be the worst year ever, but it also brought changes I am grateful for. No more siksikan in jeepneys because of social distancing! Unnecessary events are avoided if it isn't that important. 2020 taught us it's okay to take a break. Many have started their own gardens and other creative projects. In the library, there were more changes and innovation than ever before. 

For this year, I don't have any grand resolutions or plans. Though a new year is a good time to start again, for me you can change the moment you decide to.

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