Living in the new normal

I just started a new job at the beginning of March. But two weeks later, the lockdown was declared in my city. At first, the general community quarantine was only for two weeks but extended and extended until May. I just went back to work this June but everything is different. 

So many things have changed. Social distancing, face masks, mandatory temperature checks, filling out forms to prove you have no COVID-19 symptoms - all of these part of the norm now. In jeepneys, plastic dividers separate passengers. Malls used to be crowded where you can just stroll and hang out, but now it's not a place to linger in. 

I work in a university library, so the challenge now is schools shifting to online learning. Libraries who didn't have any online presence or services are forced to keep up. It's a challenging and exciting time as my work also involves setting up, brainstorming, and improving online services. I help out on the library website and social media, so I ended up using the skills I learned in blogging for my work.

But I admit that I feel sad, most of the time. The school which used to be crowded with people and students is now mostly empty except for employees. You could stroll around a mall before, now there are arrows guiding your way. I don't get to see friends the way I used to. The streets are silent, I feel like I'm in a world in slow-motion deterioration. 

A part of me still resists the current situation and I wish this pandemic hasn't happened at all. Until now there is still an air of uncertainty and fear with the growing number of cases in the country and the news showing grimmer statistics. But I guess we'll just have to live with it, do what we can, and hope things will get better.

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