Search the net using free data with Fring chatbot

Has this happened to you more than once? You needed to search the internet but realized that you have no internet connection. There are always inevitable connection problems online, especially during this time when everything is online - classes, library services, shopping, etc. 

There will always be times when we need to look up something online with a search engine but the faulty internet access is to blame. Sometimes, free data can be helpful but it is still limited.

Fring may be the answer for you. Fring is a "Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows its users to search and read articles from the internet for free. This aims to help those who have limited access to the internet and make information easily accessible even on free data."

You can connect to Fring via Facebook Messenger even with free data.

To get started, just chat with "fring [search query]" e.g. "fring jose rizal". 

Check out their Facebook Page: @Fringsearch.

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