Watch Smaller and Smaller Circles for free

TBA Studios is making Smaller and Smaller Circles (2017) free to watch on Youtube. The Filipino crime thriller directed by Raya Martin is a movie adaptation of the novel with the same title by F.H. Batacan.

The film stars Nonie Buencamino, Sid Lucero, Carla Humphries, Ricky Davao, Bembol Roco, and Christopher De Leon. 

Movie Summary
Two Jesuit priests, Gus Saenz and Jerome Lucero, perform forensic work to solve the mystery revolving around the murders of young boys in Payatas, one of Metro Manila's biggest slum areas. While dealing with the systematic corruption of the government, church and the elite, the two priests delve into criminal profiling, crime scene investigation and forensic analysis to solve the killings, and eventually, find the murderer.

I have read the book before, you can read my book review in this blog post. I have also watched the movie a few years ago and I have a movie reaction.

Here's some excerpts from my movie review without giving any spoilers:

The movie is quite faithful to the book. The movie's setting is just like how I imagined it in the book. The actors playing the two priests are spot-on and they also have moments of humor. As an adaptation of the book, this movie was good.

The story also highlights the incompetence of government or religious institutions in the country. It shows the usual politics and personal agendas in the bureaucracies that tend to make problems worse and not solve it. The religious leaders care more about their appearance and reputation while the innocent suffer and justice doesn't happen.

About TBA Studios
is the leading film production company in the Philippines. TBA Studios is committed to producing high-caliber entertaining Filipino films that push and break boundaries in the service of the new generation of audiences. (from their website)

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