Quark Henares on the Internet's evolving impact to work and culture

Now more than ever, the Internet has become an important avenue to bring creators, enterprises, and the audience closer together.

Globe Studios Head and Executive Quark Henares shared his insights on this topic in part two of PURVEYR’s Perspectives — a digital creative conference on culture, work, and lifestyle — which delved on the subject of the Internet. Henares was joined by music producer and artist similar objects (Jorge Wieneke V), and digital PR and marketing consultant, Thysz Estrada, as panelists.

The discussion touched on the Internet culture and the role of the Internet in careers and modern industries, especially in the context of the current global health situation that we are facing. Marvin Conanan, the founder of PURVEYR, facilitated the open discussion.

Internet culture
In the Philippines, accessing the Internet nowadays is a piece of cake, as compared to let’s say 15 years ago. This opened the gates for more to embrace the Internet culture and from then, it has evolved to what we know now.

“[Internet culture] has grown and it has gotten more niched, for the good and bad,” said Henares. “It seems impossible to not be a part of some sort of internet culture.”

The latter statement holds true as the internet has become a significant tool that bridges people to continue to do and enjoy things together despite the quarantine.

“It’s so inspiring seeing people get around distance and finding a sort of togetherness online; how ingenious and innovative people have become in terms of holding Facebook shows like this, doing improv comedy, or showing a play online,” he added.

Internet as the new office
The temporary closure of offices led to a huge proportion of the workforce in NCR to work from home, using virtual apps in place of face-to-face meetings. This leads to a viewer’s question: “Is the Internet the new office?” which the panel affirmed.

Henares shared and expounded on the same sentiment especially working for Globe, which is known as a leader in growing the Filipino digital lifestyle: “[Globe] has also been espousing these new ways of working for a very long time. So when the quarantine happened, there were not many significant changes,” he shared. “It’s been quite easy adapting in Globe. I think everybody is also realizing how much more efficient this new way of working can be.”

Creating content that stands out
For creatives and small entrepreneurs, it’s easy to take advantage of all the free time in your hands to create. Making your content stand out, however, will be the challenge especially in such a tricky time like this.

Henares advises filmmakers and fellow art practitioners to develop their concentration and passion further to make the most of less external distractions to work on their craft. “You don’t have to deal with the everyday hassle of commuting or going to work and going home tired, so focus on that right now and have it ready once we get out of this.”

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