eBook launch: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by Coach Nile.PH

"Everyone is a single dream from the mind of God. Each of us is a dream yet to come true." -Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Nile Kris Jan Bañga is launching his first eBook: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Nile is the blogger behind Nile on Weekends, Fire Brand Digital, and recently, Coach Nile.PH.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is a short inspirational book on achieving one's dreams. Divided into 9 chapters, it offers practical tips on how to realize your dreams and shifting your mindset to fulfill a bigger destiny for your life. It encourages us to look deep in ourselves, face the fears that are stopping us, and to look beyond our comfort zones. The book is inspired by the author's own experiences.

I recommend this book to young professionals and students who may still be confused about their direction in life. This book is also good for anyone who wants to read messages of inspiration and encouragement, especially during this COVID-19 situation the world is facing right now.

I did help the author in editing this book but I also stand behind its message, especially on visualizing and envisioning a dream you have in your heart. In my own life, I had moments where I faced difficulty in trying to reach a dream but I made it through faith, perseverance, and focusing on the vision despite self-doubt. Whether in passing the board exam or losing weight, I also had to do inner work aside from the physical work and discipline it took to reach a goal.

However, I also needed to hear the message of the book, as someone currently struggling in a quarter-life crisis. I frequently feel discontentment and confusion regarding life. This book can help clear your mind and guide you to look within yourself and discover what you are meant to do. I am still in the process.

How to Order
You can get a PDF copy for the affordable price of 150 pesos. For payment and order details, read the instructions on the author's blog: Coach Nile.PH Publishes New E-Book

About the Author
Nile Kris Jan Bañga is a blogger, writer, designer, coach, mentor, and consultant who is most passionate about leadership and business development. His dream is to meet and grow 1,000 dreamers of God who are living their God-given purpose in leadership to advance God's will on earth.

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