BPI Foundation and Globe promote digital and financial literacy in public schools

Globe Telecom, BPI Foundation Inc. (BPIFI), and YGOAL Inc. joined hands to promote financial education, and digital literacy and responsibility in public schools nationwide.

The partnership is being carried out through the inclusion of Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) in the learning packages for teachers and students under the BPI Senior High School Acceleration Program for Employment and Entrepreneurship (BPI SHAPE) and BPI Manny and Me programs, with YGOAL as program implementor.

“As the leading telecommunications company in the country with a strong foothold on corporate social responsibility and education programs, we believe that Globe Telecom is the ideal partner in expanding the digital responsibility content of the BPI SHAPE and BPI Manny and Me programs to further empower and educate our teachers and students,” said JR Demecais, YGOAL President and CEO.

YGOAL is a social enterprise providing consultancy service focused on co-creating solutions for organizational development, designing and implementing training programs for individuals and teams, and measuring attainment of impact.

Miguel Bermundo, Globe Citizenship and Advocacy Marketing Director said: “We are always open to partnerships with any group who would like to bring DTP to their schools and communities. With the Philippines having a 67% internet penetration rate and with 91% of the population above 13 years old having a social media account, it has become necessary to ensure that everyone, especially the youth, are properly informed about cyber safety and responsible use of technology.”

Under the partnership, YGOAL conducts the DTP training for teachers who will, in turn, impart and echo what they learned to their students.  Co-designed by the Karrikins Group, DTP is a series of workshops designed to increase students’ knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety by taking a critical look at their online behavior and helping them develop insights into the influences of the online world and the choices they are making.

BPI SHAPE aims to boost competencies of senior high school students to go to work, start a business, or go to college through the development of a values-driven and skills development entrepreneurship and financial management program with its financial literacy and capacity-building course for teachers and students.

Similarly, BPI Manny and Me provides the same content in a customized course intended for grade school level teachers.  The inclusion of Globe’s DTP ensured that teachers are equipped with enough knowledge on online information and safety, cyberbullying prevention, recognizing and getting rid of false information, and maximizing technology for a cause.

In 2019 alone, BPI SHAPE and BPI Manny and Me have already benefited over 600 schools, 1,100 teachers and 100, 000 students. /PR

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