Aquaman [movie reaction]

My planner is mostly full of important occasions and movie release dates. I have been wanting to watch Aquaman since DC's Wonderwoman was a hit and I liked that movie. As of this writing, Aquaman has surpassed $1 billion in the box office. But I put off watching it because an author I admired didn't recommend it. So there's a lesson here - just because the author I idolized didn't like it, doesn't mean I will also not. When I watched it I found that I didn't really share the same perspective of the said author. And just because I liked it, doesn't mean you will feel the same way. Each of us has our own preferences, likes and dislikes when it comes to movies, stories, and books.

I'll admit I don't really know anything about Aquaman prior to watching this movie, but I'll watch or read anything sea-related. The story starts with the love story of his parents when Atlanna, queen of Atlantis, gets stranded near a lighthouse's shore. Tom, the lighthouse keeper rescues her, they fall in love and she gives birth to one son. However, Atlantis attacks to get her back, and Atlanna goes back to the kingdom to also save her son and her husband from danger.

Atlanna eventually marries a king and gives birth to another son, Orm, who eventually takes the throne. The queen is executed once they knew she had a child before. Orm plans to take over the world above with Atlantean technology. Mera, another Atlantis princess who doesn't want this to happen, seeks the help of Arthur Curry (Aquaman). To her, if Arthur takes his rightful place as King (as the queen's first child), then it would stop the impending war. Arthur is reluctant, saying that he is a mere nobody. Mera convinces him to go with her. He meets his old teacher, Nuidis Vulko (Willem Defoe). He suggests that he should look for the trident of King Atlas, the first King of Atlantis. This is the story of how Aquaman will claim his right to the throne.

The cast is good, but the character I liked best is Vulko, who is like the Obi Wan Kenobi to Arthur. He teaches him how to swim and fight. I loved the teen!Arthur scenes, and throughout the movie he's the wise mentor. My second favorite is the gorgeous Mera, and I think I have a girl-crush on Amber Heard after watching the movie. Orm is a perfect ruthless king, but you also can't help but feel sympathy for him, especially when he said that man also did great harm to the ocean. Of course, Jason Momoa is the perfect Aquaman, and he played the part with wit and charm. I can't think of anyone else for the role.

It's also a gorgeous movie. I love the 'oceanic cyberpunk' vibe of Atlantis and the underwater kingdoms, and the landscape is comparable to the world of space movies. Everything is bioluminescent and the setting is unlike anything you've seen before.

However, I found some parts of the movie too reliant on special effects that it looks artificial. The movie looks like a long video game animation. There are some scenes where I felt the humor was forced and the dialogue awkward.

Aside from that, it's a pretty good movie. I don't normally like romance but here, the love stories were done nicely and paced in a believable way. It's a great family movie and it offers something different than the usual superhero movies (though I also love Marvel to pieces and I can't wait for Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game this 2019!).

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