New Dishes now serving at Book Latté Iloilo

Last Sunday, I was invited along with some blogger friends to have a taste of the new food offered by Book Latté Café located in Festive Walk, Iloilo Business Park, Iloilo City. As a reader and writer, I love a good cafe surrounded by books and an ambiance that gets you inspired. Book Latté is not just a cafe with good food, coffee, and books, but they have also helped organize some great events like Book Swaps and the latest was the 1st Iloilo Mega Book Fair which I also joined as a writer. You can browse the "Book Latte" tag of this blog to see my posts about the place and events there.

Here are some pictures of the new dishes and what I love about them. I'm not a food blogger or expert but I will try my best to describe them!

From lower left: Chicken Papisik with rice and salad, Mojojojos, Spaghetti, Chicken Lollipops, Fish & Chips, Baked Macaroni

From lower left: Gambas with Shrimp and Chorizo has a refreshing spicy flavor but not that overpowering. The drink is Lemon-Cucumber Muscovado Cooler. The Mojojojos are fried potato slices but I really like the garlic dip and it goes well with the dish. Their Spaghetti has an improved recipe and it's very kid-friendly with a more Filipino twist to spaghetti.

Their new Chicken Papisik is my favorite among the new dishes. Papisik is a native dish cooked with only rock salt, so the flavor of the chicken really stands out.

The Dinamitas el Quezo is their version of the famous street food called the 'dynamite'. It is usually a large chili stripped of it spicier seeds inside and stuffed with cheese, then the chili is wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep-fried, resulting in a crispy and spicy snack with melted cheese. What I love about their version is their cheese which makes the dish taste a lot better than the street version!

Fish and Chips with dips.

Chicken Lollipop

Abby’s Cranberry & Walnut Carrot Cake by Chef Marvin Bagube & Chef Cidj Jalandoni (this has got some great feedback!).

Their version of the trending Chocolate Dream Cake.

Once again, thanks to Book Latte for the invitation and Nile on Weekends for bringing me along. You can follow Book Latte on Facebook, Instagram, or check out their website.

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