Bantugan sa Panulatan Kinaray-a literary contest: call for entries

Calling all writers in Kinaray-a! You might be interested in joining this writing contest.

Bantugan sa Panulatan Kinaray-a, the newest literary contest in Kinaray-a rolls out beginning 1 December 2018 until 31 January 2019.  Initiated by St. Anthony’s College, Kasingkasing Press, and Balay Sugidanun, the annual tilt seeks to promote Kinaray-a as a language for literature and philosophy; create opportunities for writers in Kinaray-a to gain audience and recognition for their works; improve local resources for basic education instruction using the mother tongue; promote standardization of the local language; and increase the volume of publications in Kinaray-a.

This year’s Bantugan features four categories including nursery rhyme, children’s story, poetry, and novelette.  The Bantugan is an open contest set to receive entries in Kinaray-a from amateur and professional writers, whether local or international, Filipino or non-Filipino.  Winning entries will be featured in various publications by the organizers and will be piloted as instructional materials in Kinaray-a speaking schools in the Western Visayas Region.  Winners will be recognized on 14 February 2019 at St. Anthony’s College, in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique.

The tilt mechanics, both in Kinaray-a and English versions, may be accessed at the Bantugan Facebook Page:

The Bantugan sa Panulatan Kinaray-a, which literally translates to the Heraldry of the Kinaray-a Literature,  is represented by a logo prominently bearing the letter K, the stem of which is a Visayan taribung whose blade tip is a pen.  The image represents Kinaray-a and how the act of writing is a weapon; and literature, the intangible weaponry of a people.  The letter P of Panulatan, is represented by the red-colored geometric shape; while the letter B of the Bantugan is represented by the combined red and green-colored geometric shape.  The circle represents the unending connection of a people sharing experiences and hope.  The colors used are traditional in meaning: black for protection in battle; green for opportunities; red for vitality; and yellow for loves and passion.

Thanks to Mr. Noel de Leon for sharing this press release.

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