Share your LIS insights: write for LIS Student Journal by UP LISSA

Are you a librarian, LIS student, or a professional in a related field who wants to share your insights, research, and ideas to more people or the LIS student community here in the Philippines? Then you might want to write for the LIS Student Journal of the UP LIS Students' Association (UP LISSA).  Submissions are open for all LIS students here in the country (not just UP LISSA members).

According to the Primer and Mechanics in their website, "The LISSA Student Journal (LSJ) is a student-reviewed organization journal of LISSA resident members and alumni. It aims to promote discourse on LIS within the academic, professional, and social contexts.
  • Academic – discourse on theories and concepts in LIS, researches, analysis of traditional and contemporary issues using LIS perspectives, and on the roles of LIS alongside other academic disciplines.
  • Professional – discourse on the practice of LIS, including application of concepts in day-to-day tasks, management of LIS institutions, tricks-of-the-trade, projects and innovations, and leadership.
  • Social – discourse on the relationships and interactions of LIS students and professionals with other people and institutions, narratives and experiences, personal anecdotes, etc."

Check out their website for previous papers: Accepted submissions will be posted on their website. 

I also read the some of the articles and the topics are varied and very interesting, and they are also open to creative works like poetry, short stories, and personal essays.

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From the UP LISSA Facebook post:
Hey there LIS Students! Do you have any insights or ideas in line with our field? If so, then the LIS Student Journal is for you! 
Just submit any academic or creative work you have produced regarding any specialization involving Library and Information Science, and we'll make sure your ideas are spread to make an impact within the LIS Studentry. 
1. Submissions will be peer-reviewed by students from UP LISSA, to ensure the quality of content and freedom from plagiarism. The identity of the reviewers shall remain anonymous.
2. Students may submit their papers anonymously; just include the wish to be anonymous in your submission. Only the academics head of UP LISSA will see where the email came from, and names will not be released.
3. The LSJ is open to all LIS Students as well as students from allied fields/interests, as long as the articles are about the information professions.
4. Send your submission to the email address, or chat/ask any UP LISSA Member about submissions. Submissions will be accepted throughout September and posted on October. 
Thanks to Gillian Reyes for informing me of this journal. Librarians and LIS students out there who have a penchant for writing, get your pens and keyboards moving and submit!

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