5 reasons to enrol in a Master's degree

I started my Master's degree in Library Science last June 2016. It has been a rewarding experience. Two years after graduating college and working, I found that I missed going to school and learning. One of the reasons I studied for my Master's is so I can apply for jobs requiring a graduate degree. I have just finished my comprehensive exams last February, and I only have Thesis Writing left.

In the Philippines, those who want to work as librarians but don't have a bachelor's degree in Library Science often opt to take MLIS or Masters in Library and Information Science so they can take the Librarian Licensure Exam and be professional librarians. In RA 9246, only BLIS or MLIS graduates can take the licensure exam. Often, higher-level or management jobs in the library (especially in Academic Libraries) require an MLIS.

Another reason why I took up MLIS is that I felt that there was something lacking in my learning during college. Now that we are at the graduate level, the discussions are centered on practical applications and experiences in the library. You are more responsible for your own learning and the requirements are more challenging than those in college.

If you're thinking of taking up MLIS or a graduate degree, here are 5 advantages:

Learning and Knowledge.
The technology and knowledge may have changed since you graduated. Being in graduate school exposes you to new trends and subjects. It encourages you to open your mind, do research, and investigate.

Continuing Professional Development.
CPD is now a law for professionals in the Philippines. We are required a certain number of CPD points to renew our licenses (45 units for librarians). Getting a Master's degree in a related field is another way of attaining self-directed learning, which can be also credited to CPD.

Career Advancement.
This is often the main reason why many choose to enrol in a Master's Degree. Having a Master's opens more opportunities and may open doors to higher-level positions (which also means higher salaries).

A wider network of professionals.
In graduate school, you also meet fellow professionals in the same field. You can share ideas, best practices, and solutions to common problems. You meet mentors who can guide you, and teachers who can help you. Since there is a small number of librarians in the country anyway, its good to widen your network in graduate school.

New friends.
Your friends in graduate school are often different than your college or school friends. In graduate school, you are all more mature and there is less drama. I think that I like my friends in graduate school best.

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