Siargao: MMFF 2017 movie reaction

Movie summary from Click the City: "Fresh from a breakup caused by her fear of settling down, video blogger Laura (Erich Gonzales) embarks on a solo trip to Siargao hoping to move on and find a new adventure. Here she meets rock singer Diego  (Jericho Rosales) who is caught between uncertainties of the future and baggages of the past. This fateful encounter stirs up what local entrepreneur Abi (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) thought were long lost feelings for a long lost love, i.e. Diego. In this unlikely triangle, is there room for second chances? Or should they move on to something(one) new?"
Main Cast: Erich Gonzales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Jericho Rosales
Director: Paul Soriano
Writer: Anj Pessumal

"You don't fall in love in Siargao, you fall in love with Siargao." - from the movie

I saw a college friend today to just hang out and watch a movie, and she's getting married next month! I'm invited, and this is the first time I'll be attending a friend's wedding. How fast time flies! Anyway, we used to watch movies starring Anne Curtis during our college days. Love stories are really not my thing but I quite liked the movie.

This movie has reaped many awards in the 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival: It won Best Cinematography, Best Sound, 2nd Best Picture, and Best Original Theme Song ("Alon" by Hale). Jasmine Curtis Smith won Best Supporting Actress, Paul Soriano won Best Director, and Mark Victor was awarded as Best Editor.

As what the summary says, Laura and Diego meet for the first time in a plane ride to Siargao. Laura is a vlogger and always has a camera on hand, while Diego is the aloof rock singer. Laura is going for a vacation to "find herself", while Diego is going home to get away from the stresses of Manila from his recent issue with his rock band. Diego is laid-back and enjoys teasing Laura. It turns out that Abi, Diego's old flame, is still in Siargao and he still has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Laura declined from her boyfriend's marriage proposal and is in Siargao to try being on her own.

The movie was really great in showing off the beauty of Siargao: the clear seas, the white sand, the waves. It makes you want to go to Siargao yourself. Siargao is a popular surfing and partying destination, and the movie tries its best to give off that chill beach vibe.

As Laura and Diego deal with their own problems, they fall for each other. But at the same time, they still have hurts from previous relationships and issues to resolve with themselves. Like Eat, Pray, Love, this is a story about finding yourself and making a choice. They are caught between their commitments to past relationships and their new feelings for each other.

One thing I really love about the movie is the music. The soundtrack is mostly tropical-themed chill songs, and I love Franco's cameo, singing "Mondaze". Since Jericho Rosales plays a rock band's lead singer, he also sings here and he's pretty good at it.

As for the acting, Erich really shines in this one. Jasmine Curtis-Smith won Best Supporting Actress but me and my friend thought that she just had one facial expression for all her emotions. I don't really like Jericho's character that much, but he also shows that there's more to Diego Luna than the famous rock star. Real-life couple Will Devaughn and Roxanne Barcelo also play a couple in the movie, but they're really not doing anything much except for lounging at each other on the beach.

Overall, I think the movie deserved winning Best Sound and Best Cinematography. Siargao itself is the star of this movie, and after watching it, you really feel like you'd want to spend your next summer in Siargao (and maybe find a summer fling there).

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