Book review: Yup, I Am That Girl by Maine Mendoza

Yup, I am that Girl by Maine Mendoza, ©2017 Summit Books

Let's get things clear first: I am a fan of Maine Mendoza. The KalyeSerye/AlDub explosion of 2015 was an unexpected moment in Philippine TV. I love her personality and the story of her accidental rise to fame. I like that she secretly dreamed of being a celebrity and achieved it, it's also an inspiration to those who have artistic dreams.

I also love that she writes. When she became popular I was an avid reader of her blog, The Pessimistic Optimist Bella. Maine admits that she's an introvert, which could be surprising to some who always see her in light and comedic roles. As an introvert myself, I'm happy to see that she shows that there's more to us than the usual negative stereotypes.

When she posted that she will have a book coming up, I always checked in bookstores if it was available. After trying to look for it in National Bookstore, I found a copy in Booksale for 295 pesos. Yup, I am that Girl is Maine's autobiography, her life written in her words. Maine reflects on her unexpected rise to fame, her family, her life, loves, and with some useful and colorful advice for her readers.

The book itself is good quality, with colored pictures and nice graphics. It has a very millennial feel. It tells Maine's life story so far and her thoughts and feelings about the journey. It has her bucket lists, her favorite things, and I like that the book also contains advice on our typical problems: how to make friends, how to deal with heartbreak, how to deal with haters, how to manage depression and negative feelings, and even how to do well in school. Maine's book gives us a glimpse to her personality that we don't see in TV.

It's not all about Maine talking about herself, but the book is also filled with helpful and inspiring insights. The design also reminded me of my pre-teen days when the grade school girls would pore over Candy magazine, but it's not overly girly. If you like Maine's makeup looks and fashion sense this book has enough pictures and fashion tips for inspiration.

For fans of Maine Mendoza, this book is a gem. Even if you're not a fan of hers, this is still an entertaining read and Maine is a good writer. If you need a feel-good book to relax with, this is the perfect afternoon read. As a fan and reader, the book is really worth it.

My copy of Maine's book

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