How's life?

Let's take a break from the usual articles and talk about life currently. I just came from my university to get my last (and not that great) salary for teaching one subject this semester, after some tiresome procedures of submitting final grades and running around school getting clearances signed. I know its needed, but sometimes its really tiring to correct mistakes in procedure and people didn't tell you that you need to accomplish this or that. I was thinking that if this is the case, I won't teach here. But then, every job will have its difficulty and problems.

Speaking of work, I have a new job as a freelance writer. It was luck that I found something that's perfect for me which involves reading books. Working and relying on yourself to manage time and beat procrastination is a new challenge that's way harder than expected. I'm in a cafe right now since my room and house is just a place full of distractions.

I'm not teaching this semester or enrolling in any subjects for graduate school, but I do need to prepare for the comprehensive exam February next year. I wish that for this time I can focus on writing and reading. So far, nothing remarkable in life but this year, 2017 was a year of many firsts. There's two months left, and I'm posting this since this blog will not be that active for the next few months. So here's nothing, just a rant to talk about life.

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