Hong Kong in 3 days

Last June 1-4, I went out of the country for the first time! I went to Hong Kong for three days and two nights. My grand-aunt was planning to go, so I just went along. It was exciting, but after three days I realized that the Philippines is better! At least, its a great learning experience to be in another country and culture, you realize that the world is still so big. This is not the last time I will go to this place, I'm planning to go back to visit the places we didn't go to due to limited time. I missed the Night Market, Ocean Park, Thousand Buddhas, and our plan to go to Macau was canceled.

The best thing about travel is it makes you more hungry to see more of the world. But I have to admit that aside from marveling at the sights, first-world roads, buildings, bridges, and tunnels, I didn't really 'feel' the place and I couldn't relax there totally, life seems to be always busy and people are in a hurry. For me, its better to take a vacation in a beach here in the Philippines, but its also enjoyable to go here if you have the money!

International Airport
For someone from a third world country, being in this airport was already overwhelming. Considering that this airport serves a lot of international flights, the place was a monument of beautiful engineering and architecture. I included this here because I was, honestly, sick of the airport after so many hours of waiting.

The City
All the buildings! It is a dense, crowded place with people walking so fast. We ate in local fastfood and a Chinese restaurant just around the corner. Since we speak English and the locals can't understand, we just ordered by pointing to the pictures. At least even if we don't understand each other, we can get the point across. The food was great but we didn't get the chance to sample more local food.

Roasted Duck and very bitter (and real) milk tea!
Victoria Peak
After resting for a bit, our first stop was the Victoria Peak, the highest point where you can have a nice view of city at night below. We had to ride a tram (some sort of old-fashioned small train) uphill to reach the peak and the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. It was quite a bit foggy that night, but the view was still breathtaking.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum contains life-size models of famous celebrities. It was a little creepy how they mirror real-life people. The wax models are made from the real casts of the actors. I took pictures with Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, the Beatles, and even Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) from Twilight!
The tram at the station to the Peak!
Nang Ann with Hello Kitty!
Victoria Harbor
The next day, our first stop was the famous Victoria Harbor where you can see the two tallest buildings there. We also visited the golden Bauhinia flower sculpture nearby. I guess the view is better at night!

We sailed in a boat and passed by the famous Jumbo Floating Restuarant, which looks like the ship of the spirits from Spirited Away.

Jewelry Factory
We also went to the jewelry factory, but I just bought a simple magnetic copper bracelet.

This was our last tour stop in the city, and I say that the trip was worth it for Disneyland alone! We enjoyed seeing the afternoon and night parade, watching the Lion King in Adventureland, and the rides. If we had more time, I'd try all the rides! The Fireworks display was amazing as I expected.

The entrance

Going Home
Since we didn't have more time for our last day, we just went to a nearby mall to walk around. I bought some clothes. At least, now I know where I want to go next time! Now I'm already thinking of what country to go next... the only problem is cash!

(I still have a lot of pictures but I just posted a select few and I didn't post in social media about it except in this blog!)

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