Endings again

The sky was heavy with solid grey clouds and made the sunset shine so
bright as if the sky was on fire. 
Yesterday, my contract for my current job ended. I was absent from work for my last day because we had a seminar that morning for a class and we were the organizers and speakers. I was nervous talking in front of Psychology majors, talking about leadership, of all things. Its just good that the big requirement for that class is over. We had lunch along with the teacher and those who attended our small event.

Our teacher will transfer to another university on August, and his undergrad students just found out and there was a silent, emotional moment during lunch. He has been in our school for a very long time and was a good mentor for many students. It means that our summer class under him was also one of his last classes in our university. Even if it was a short time, me and my only other classmate in the class learned a lot from him. The subject, Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships, is one of the best classes I took since college. Its about psychology of people in groups, and as human beings, groups are inevitable and necessary for survival. From your family to your job in an organization, there will be relationships and conflict. Too bad Summer classes are rushed. We still have a final exam left and some projects due this June.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my second job interview for another university but I'm actually still in the process of deciding if I want to be there or not. I also applied for other schools and considering online work (some friends say they earn more, and I'd like to try something new). Now, I've learned that you have to research an organization thoroughly, not just know about its history but actually ask the people who have worked there about the culture and environment. I'm still weighing and deciding.

I enjoyed the interview, though I had a few mental blocks here and there, where sometimes my mind goes blank and I don't know what to say or answer, the question has completely escaped my mind. I have this month to decide, and I want to rest and let God guide me to the best place to work or stay.

After the two subjects this summer, I will only have to take Research and Statistics for the first semester, then the comprehensive exam for the Master's degree, then the last semester before graduation (by God's grace, I hope) is for the thesis.

Tonight is my flight for my first trip abroad! And I'm not going to update in social media about it because I don't have social media! I will write and post pictures in this blog as soon as I can when I come back next week.

The past month has been so filled with tasks that I haven't had time to do what I really want: relax and get lost in a book. 📕

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