The Sunday Currently | 05

This has been the busiest summer yet. Along with my library job, I'm also taking two subjects for my Masters degree: Group Dynamics and Reference. There's only two of us enrolled and we're nearing summer's end. Its like we're just meeting teachers to talk about our lives, they don't feel like formal classes.

This week, we will have some sort of leadership training seminar where we will both be the speakers for an audience of Psychology students. I'm still brainstorming and haven't yet begun making the presentation.

This Thursday, I am going out of the country for the first time for a vacation! I will write about it when I get back and I'm just trying to contain the excitement. I need to pack my things and prepare. My brother always told me that traveling out of your familiar country is a great learning experience, it makes you realize that the world is still so big, there are so many places to go, and there are still so many things that can happen. I want to have that feeling too.

This week, my contract at my current job will also end. Searching for new opportunities and beginnings. I applied to several library jobs and researching on the best place to work next. I'm praying for the next job, as I'm considering a position that isn't librarianship.

So this Sunday, I'm...

A lot of books at the same time. Yesterday I got two books from Booksale: Close Enough to hear God Breathe by Greg Paul and a VC Andrews novel (don't judge me, okay) Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth. 

The sound of the keyboards clicking as I type.

...of what to do and say during our seminar, and I hope to finish the materials I need to finish today!

For a great trip with less hassle as much as possible.

That I will survive this summer, and get a good job after this one. ☀

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