Library Summer Booksale @ HLL: what book lovers said

Note: these are reposts of articles written for Centralian Link [May 19, 2017], the newsletter of Central Philippine University. My experiences in being part of the library booksale, I'll post later!

One for the books
By Cyrus A. Natividad

The author at the book sale

Tuesday is a favorite day - comes every week with a blessing! We were blessed on Tuesday, May 16 with a room full of books. It’s the opening of the Summer Book Warehouse Sale at the ground Floor, Henry Luce III Library. Lots of timeless, valuable books ( classical, technical and many other reference types, paperbacks, hardbound and pocket books) are up to 80% on Sale until May 19, 2017.

The Book Sale organizers led by Library Director Dr. Emelda Estember however, put incredible tags on each book – from 1 peso to 30 pesos depending on quality of materials and content. With the average cost of Ten Pesos 10 each, I got precious philosophical and critical authors to read - including Norman Vincent Peal and John Kenneth Galbraith; prize-find books entitled Management and Machiavelli, Critics of Society, the Red Badge of Courage and OMG! - The Sociology of Karl Marx! Will they put me to sleep?

Kezia Huelar and Mark Clemens Ortaliz (members of our publishing team) also carted away with more or less  45 to 50 literary  and technical books. Watta day!!! Maybe it’s strange, but even computer geeks would settle for a hand-down thick book for  programming at a price of one peso (found at the Henry Luce Book Sale).

To be happy about the book sale is to realize how much these books sell in bookstores at the malls. Books are important. All of man’s great inventions, achievements and inspirations havel its large foundation of knowledge from books. The digital age may have all the volumes of reading materials in one small gadget, but the hard copy book continues to be an inspiration of people who love to read.

CPU Library Holds Summer Booksale Warehouse Sale
By Keziah G. Huelar

The author at the book sale

Centralian bookworms flocked the CPU Library as it holds its Summer Booksale Warehouse Sale at the Seminar Room, Ground Floor, Henry Luce III Library on May 16-19, 2017.

The three-day sale featured all kinds of books at an affordable price ranging from 1 to 30 pesos, the aim of selling old library books was to make way for new additions at the CPU Library and to provide homes for the old ones. According to Harissa May Junio, a 3rd year BSBA Marketing Management the booksale is a fun filled event for students. “The summer booksale is one of the awaited events in the library. It gives Centralians a chance to buy books at an affordable price, at the same time we enjoy going over the stacks of books looking for a book we like.”

The event was organized by Dr. Emelda Estember, Library Director of the Henry Luce III Library. 📚

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