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The long Holy Week vacation is over, and I'm already thinking of next year's holidays and where I'd like to go. We went to my grand-aunt's house earlier this morning to ask about the flight arrangements of my first out-of-the-country trip on the first week of June. I'm excited but I don't want to post too much about it! I just hope that after this, I'd also tour other countries as well. It's just timing that I will travel a day after my contract at my current job is over.

I just remember that when we were children, one of the frequently-mentioned dreams is to 'travel the world' before we die. I think the money for experiences and new learnings is always worth it, and investment in them is better than wasting money on material things.

Today is Easter Sunday. Yesterday night I watched The Passion of the Christ on YouTube for the Lenten season, and as I wrote on Facebook: "I didn't really cry like I thought I would, and I think that the actual suffering and death of Christ is more brutal than any fictional re-imagining. And you know that after all that he's going to live again anyway!"

Reading: My mother borrowed a book from their municipal library where she works, about Plato's writings on Socrates. Its in a hardbound Harvard Classics volume, ©1937. There's something magical about reading and touching books older than you. Actually reading Socrates (I'll post about it after I finish reading Crito and Phaedo) is different from just hearing about him. It's like hearing the actual Socrates stand up and speak. There is more to his famous saying, "I know that I know nothing". The real root of why he said that is more beautiful and meaningful than I expected.

Writing: Supposed to write stories, but typing blog entries instead.

Listening: Who am I by Counting Crowns

Thinking: Of all the possible jobs I could apply for after this current job. I do love my job right now, I actually feel excited about tomorrow. I don't earn that much, but money can't buy anxiety away. In my previous work, I found that I even disliked waking up and facing another dreadful day! My teacher advised that if you feel that way, its better to walk away. For me, being depressed in a job is a vicious cycle: if you are burned out, you won't be able to perform well, which leads to jobs half-done, bosses or customers disappointed, burying you further. Sometimes its not only for you but for the good of the organization, because they also don't deserve half-assed work. Though the issues were not just about the job, but I had personal things to resolve as well. But it was a good learning experience.

Wishing: That everything will go well with my search for the next job, and that petty workplace conflicts between people will be solved.

Hoping: Great breakthroughs.

Loving: These holidays. It was my first time to attend a church's Holy Week camp with fellow young professionals and I gained more friends and acquaintances. ☀

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