One year in grad school...

One more take-home exam left, but so far all the requirements for two other subjects have been passed. While its interesting to have a group of classmates, grad school is a challenge. I told myself to study bits and pieces during the week but end up cramming. With work, you're always tired. I should enjoy the subjects first, because the thesis in the end will have its own challenges as well. At least I have time to read now.

Tomorrow, I will join a church camp for the Holy Week. I don't know anyone there except for two people in my weekly small group but I hope to know more.

I continue to hope and pray about my next job after my current one. Questions in my heart. Am I meant to teach? Where should I be? What about the future after my Masteral degree? What about all the stories I want to write? Do I still have what it takes to be a writer or has inspiration given up on me? Doors close, doors open, and I'm also on the lookout for other possible doors.

I haven't written, anything at all of stories or make-believe stuff. The well was dry for so long, and there are many deadlines for writing contests by the end of the month... dreams forgotten, and staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor is an exercise in frustration.

But everyday, I live in a new light. I try to see everything in terms of God's plans. I'm not so worried as I was before.

This Holy Week, let us take a break, contemplate the silence, and remember Christ's death and resurrection. I think that's all for tonight.

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