Turning 24

Aside from my family, Google greeted me a happy birthday!
As I'm writing this, its my last day as a 23-year-old. When it was my 23rd birthday last year, I lamented that I can no longer sing along to Taylor Swift's 22. When it was my 22nd birthday two years ago, I said that I'm no longer Forever 21. Time goes by, and I have more or less sixty years to live here. I'll be 24. I am 24, by the time you read this. 24 reminds me of 24 hours a day and all the time I'm wasting.

I've noticed that I've grown, gained new perspectives, and I'm more open (to people, ideas, places, and new experiences). I'm also a lot more sympathetic, understanding, and forgiving to my younger self. Things in the past still replay and affect today, but part of maturity and growing up is learning to deal with them.

I think I'm less stressed about the things I don't like about other people. There are things that really used to bug me about my friends' personalities, but now I see that I can't change them and I should just learn to accept them and love them as they are.

I also learned to not let other people's comments about me bother me. Some people 'suggest' things and give advice that you don't really need, and sometimes it can make us angry that they don't know our situation. As for me, I just listen and consider them, but I learned not to let it get to me and in the end, its my life and I decide. In the end its not the approval of people that matters anyway.

Now I'm considered an *adult* but a very clueless one. I still think of myself as learning the ropes of life and learning to stand on my own.

There's still a lot more in store for me and I'm excited for the future! 🎂

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