Destined to be Yours: week 1 reaction

I admit I'm an #AlDub fan and loved Kalyeserye. Maine Mendoza is my favorite actress in Philippine TV today, and much has been written and said of her rise to stardom from social media and her accidental love team with Alden Richards that hit the masses at a critical time. The Kalyeserye hit the Filipino heart in all the right places, with a refreshing blend of spontaneous theater, reality TV, and noon-time variety show slapstick. What people really loved about it is their take on virtue and courtship in an age of sex and free love. "Tamang panahon" - the right time - is a phrase always used in the show, about waiting for the right time for love, and it gives us a good lesson while making us smile too. The chemistry between Alden and Maine is natural, sincere, and I must say - explosive!

I loved the movie Imagine You and Me, the story was simple and elegant, Italy was gorgeous and I screamed in kilig too when they kissed in the end! At least GMA is careful and thoughtful in giving them projects that they deserve, that the fans like. They only appeared in Eat Bulaga and two movies so far, so would the tandem work in primetime? Kalyeserye is done, and now the loveteam is set to play for the first time in a teleserye.

Maine Mendoza plays Sinag Obispo, whose family lives in the town of Pelangi. They are influential, they own a local radio station and both her parents are artists. Sinag is a DJ with a lot of hugot, she doesn't believe in soulmates.
Soulmate soulmate! Hindi naman yan totoo e! Mas mabuti pang maniwala sa multo, at least yun, nagpaparamdam!
Alden Richards plays Benjie Rosales, an architect (and a board topnotcher at that!) whose father died in a bus accident in Pelangi. His father's family didn't accept their mother, so Benjie applies to their big real estate company to also be accepted to his father's family. When their company plans to buy land in Pelangi, he is sent there (by his kontrabida aunt). Problem: the Obispo family owns the land they want to buy, and Sinag will not let their land go without a fight.

While it often feels like a sitcom with some drama painted here and there, the story was off to a good start. While it has some implausible things happening (like Sinag's mother having a 'vision' of Benjie and painting him), its meant to be a light watch anyway. I love how they try to insert Filipino values into the story without trying so hard to.

Passion. Both Benjie and Sinag have passion and love for their work. Sinag works as a DJ in a radio station they inherited from her grandparents and is determined to keep it going. Benjie is a dedicated architect who works hard for the Rosales company.

Art. I love how Sinag's parents are portrayed as artists. They aren't weird, isolated people, but vibrant, creative, and actively engaged in their family and community. The Obispo family knows when to not disturb their parents int the midst of random artistic inspiration!

Love for nature and the environment. Sinag is against the 'modernization' of their provincial town. She knows the disadvantages of selling their land for profit - they will lose their homes, memories, and the unique identity of the place. Their place would be stripped off its natural beauty for commercial profit. Sinag and the townspeople want to preserve their home town.

It looks like this week, Benjie will try to win Sinag's favor so he can succeed in his company assignment of convincing the locals to sell their land. I suspect a lot of potential drama, but I'm curious how the two will fall in love and the challenges they will face. I don't watch much TV or telenovelas but I think this is one show I'll watch until it ends.

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