A tour in Iloilo City libraries

Last October, we had a tour in the different kinds of libraries in Iloilo City as part of the requirements for our subject Introduction to Information Science in MLIS. It is good to know that the most active libraries in our city are keeping up with technology. I'm glad to see some improvements that weren't there when we first visited years ago, and its even better to see proactive librarians! If not for them, these libraries would not be possible.

School Library: Ateneo de Iloilo

The school library of Ateneo de Iloilo in their new building is conducive for the school which caters pupils from the pre-school to high school. They have a separate pre-school and early grade school library with games and books for younger readers.

This is the first library I've seen that has iPad tablets that can be borrowed by the students. The teachers for their subjects also use these iPads for educational apps and study materials.

Research Library: Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center - Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC AQD)

The SEAFDEC Library caters to the research needs of SEAFDEC. They serve not only their own scientists and students, but researchers from all over the world with information needs regarding fisheries and aquaculture are welcome to ask the librarians online. The SEAFDEC Library is the best example of a library making full use of communication technologies to reach out to their users.

Available online are their online public access catalog (OPAC), their institutional repository, and Facebook page for updates on new resources.

Academic Library: University of San Agustin

The university library boasts a new eBook section with computers to access electronic resources. Now, more readers, especially college students, prefer to access digital files and books through smartphones and tablets. Academic libraries should also keep up with this trend by providing and promoting quality electronic books and journals for students' use.

Public Library: Iloilo Provincial Library and Archives
Our Iloilo Provincial Library is also known as the oldest provincial library in the Philippines, established in October 1918. But the library is also becoming competitive and has new improvements for today's generation. The library has a good collection of Filipiniana and historical documents on the country and our province, and these resources are currently being digitized for archiving and easier access for users.

The provincial library is located in the new Casa Real building and the place is conducive to studying, writing, reading, and research. They also have free WiFi available and access to eBooks.

EXTRA: Barangay Reading Center at Brgy. PHCC, Mandurriao
This is an extra because the former librarian of this reading center is a friend and she invited me to go here. The Reading Center is an effort of the community, with most of the collections and the building itself it built from donations from the residents. You would be surprised to see great (and new!) books that you can't see in my university library! I see a good collection of fiction and religious books.

I got a library card since some relatives live near the area and with all the books I can borrow here, I don't need to buy another book for this lifetime!

Thanks to Ms. Michelle for letting me visit! Great library!

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