November 2023 is the 33rd Library & Information Services Month: theme and activities

Library and Information Services month poster 2023

Libraries have always transcended their roles as mere book repositories, evolving into vibrant community centers that facilitate learning, empower individuals, and drive societal transformation. As we usher in Library and Information Services Month this November, libraries nationwide are gearing up for a month-long celebration under the banner of "LET'S Libraries: Learning, Empowering, and Transforming Societies through Libraries."

In adherence to Proclamation No. 837, dated 1991, Library and Information Services (LIS) Month is celebrated every November, orchestrated by the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts–National Committee on Library and Information Services (NCCA-NCLIS). This annual event shines a well-deserved spotlight on the invaluable contributions of libraries, librarians, and information services to society.

A virtual launch and press briefing took place on September 18, 2023, with Director IV of the National Library of the Philippines, Cesar Gilbert Q. Adriano, at the helm. The event was attended by librarians, media professionals, and various libraries across the country. "This annual celebration offers our library and information services community a wonderful platform to promote our pivotal role in the social development of our nation," expressed Director Adriano.

Under the stewardship of Melanie A. Ramirez, the LISM 2023 Overall Chairperson, the NLP organizing committee has curated a diverse array of activities:

  • Series of Seminars/Webinars: Covering a wide spectrum of topics ranging from information literacy to library resources, these will be organized by NLP and its collaborative partners.
  • LISM Exhibitions: A display highlighting significant milestones, individuals, locations, and publications in the realm of librarianship to underscore the significance of observing Library and Information Services Month.
  • Lakbay-Kaalaman Outreach Program: This program involves visits to libraries and reading centers to assess their overall condition, conduct face-to-face workshops, and engage children in educational activities.
  • Library Feud: A fun game show designed for librarians, library staff, and students in the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) program. The game involves answering questions based on survey data, with contestants responding based on common or popular answers rather than personal opinions or expectations.
  • Pinoy Children's Book Character Contest: This contest celebrates Filipino families by inviting them to participate in a recycled art sculpture contest, featuring characters from Filipino children's storybooks from library collections. The aim is to promote the joy of reading while fostering creativity.
  • Other Minor Contests: For detailed descriptions and rules, visit the LISM microsite.

The grand Opening Ceremonies on November 6, 2023, will be held at the Epifanio delos Santos Auditorium, NLP, with representatives from various libraries, library organizations, students, affiliated agencies, and partners in attendance.

Join us this November as we celebrate the profound impact of libraries in nurturing learning, empowering individuals, and catalyzing societal change. Let's Libraries!

For more information and updates on events and activities throughout the month, please visit the LISM Microsite at and follow us on NLP social media @NLP1887 for the latest news and updates.

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