Video: Basics of Indexes and Abstracts

Indexing and Abstracting is said to be one of the most difficult subjects in studying Library and Information Science or LIS in the Philippines. Many also say that it is the most difficult subject in the Librarians Licensure Examination (LLE) that LIS graduates have to take before being licensed professional librarians.

In this video, I try to go back to the basics of what an index and an abstract is. I believe that in understanding any subject, we should always go back to the basic and fundamental concepts in order to understand the more advanced topics.

In my studies of this subject, it is not difficult but most people find difficulty in subject analysis and reading comprehension

I am starting a "Let's Review" video series where I will talk about the basics of Librarianship or LIS for LIS students, librarians, LLE test-takers, and those who are interested in librarianship. Suggestions are welcome.

I am also trying to expand the content of the YouTube channel to include vlogs and other things I'm interested in like books and movies.

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