November 2022 is the 32nd Library & Information Services Month: theme and activities

Official poster of the 32nd Library and Information Services Month for 2022

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About the Library and Information Services Month

November 2022 is the 32nd Library and Information Services Month in the Philippines. The annual Library and Information Services (LIS) month held every November started in 1991 with Presidential Proclamation No. 837. The LIS month was designed for "public awareness to the invaluable service that libraries and information centers render."

The theme for this year is "Mga Aklatan bilang mga Kanlungan ng Karunungan: Tagapagpangalaga ng Kultura at Pamanang Lokal" (Libraries as cradles of knowledge: Caretakers of culture and local heritage)

For more information and updates on this event, visit the 32nd LISM website and follow the NLP  Facebook page.

The month-long activities, under the direction and auspices of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts - National Committee on Libraries and Information Services (NCCA-NCLIS), were designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness in the library community and beyond (through events, social media, websites, blogs, mailing lists) about the importance of libraries to development;
  • Create a uniform schedule of events for the many types of libraries by inviting various library groups around the nation to join in the entire month's celebrations;
  • Make a collection of evidence-based stories about libraries in the Philippines; and
  • Submit stories to IFLA Library Map of the World.

Contests and Activities

The National Library of the Philippines have month-long activities that libraries, librarians, and library users all over the country can join. For full mechanics and contest requirements, kindly see the linked pages for more information.

See their Calendar of Activities for important dates and activities.

Your local public library may also have their own activities for LISM 2022.

  • Librarian Game Show (see more details)
    A fun quiz bee for professional librarians (game show style) that shall test their knowledge, not only on librarianship, but in general things and happenings locally and abroad. Representatives from different library organizations will be invited to participate in the game. Librarians from various institutions will be mixed in an elimination phase until there are only five remaining for the final round.
  • My Day in the Library (see more details)
    A Tiktok Contest where participants will submit videos that show how their day in the library went. Videos will be posted in NLP's Tiktok account and entries with the most number of likes (hearts) will win.
  • Balagtasan (see more details)
    Debate and poetry contest
  • Guess how many books are in the shelves (see more details)
    A picture of shelves of books will be posted in the NLP Facebook Page and in front of the NLP Building and participants will be asked to guess how many books are there in the picture. The one/s who will guess correctly (or the closest one) will win the prize.
  • Lucky NLP Patron (see more details)
    Each NLP patron will be given a chance to draw a piece of paper from a box. Lucky users will be given special LISM merchandise based on what they were able to draw.

Webinar series

The NLP will be conducting two webinars for the LISM celebration. For questions and concerns about these webinars, kindly contact the focal person Marbilyn B. Egido via e-mail at The following webinars will be conducted in the National Library and will be streamed online via Zoom and Facebook Live.

This post will be updated once NLP shares the registration links.

Webinar 1: Aklatan at Pamana ng Bayan: Talakayan sa Gampanin ng Aklatan sa Pagbuo ng Kasaysayang Lokal at Pangmadla
Speakers: Dr. Wensley M. Reyes and Michael Charleston "Xiao" B. Chua
November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) at 1:00 PM
Zoom and Facebook Live

Provide a venue to examine the role of libraries and information centers in protecting, conserving, and preserving local heritage and culture.

Libraries play a significant role in preserving knowledge and cultural heritage in society. Libraries collect massive collections of records, historical and cultural heritage, and other valuable materials to protect and preserve the stories of the communities to provide access to future generations.

Thus, a webinar series is included in the LISM 2022 program to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the role of libraries and information centers in the  preservation, conservation, and protection of local heritage.

Registration link:

Please note that the Zoom meeting room can only accommodate up to 100 participants. Those who are unable to join in Zoom are encouraged to view it on Facebook Live through the NLP page.

Webinar 2: Guhit at Kuwento: Pagsasanay sa Pagguhit at Pagsulat ng mga Kuwentong Pambata
Speakers: Zarah C. Gagatiga and Hubert B. Fucio 
November 14, 2022 (Monday) at 1:00 PM
Zoom and Facebook Live

Generate interest about writing and drawing illustrations in children's books.

Featured speakers are Zarah C. Gagatiga, Teacher-Librarian and children's books writer; and G. Hubert B. Fucio, a children's books illustrator.

Teach techniques for writing and illustrating children's books and restoration of books and  other materials.

Registration link:

Please note that the Zoom meeting room can only accommodate up to 100 participants. Those who are unable to join in Zoom are encouraged to view it on Facebook Live through the NLP page.

Help promote LISM 2022

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You may also use the hashtags #32ndLISM #LISMonth2022 #KanlunganNgKarunungan #LISM to tag your posts about this event.

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