Webinar with 16 CPD points: Nat'l seminar-workshop on digital literacy and online library services

The Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology Training Department will be holding a webinar with 16 CPD points for librarians, the National Seminar-Workshop on Digital Literacy and Online Library Services on September 20-21, 2022 (Tuesday and Wednesday).

There is a fee of 350 pesos for this event. See payment details and registration link below.

Program description

After two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Philippine government nationwide to place the country in full or partial lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. This situation challenged the ways academic libraries used to function. and library professionals with consideration of adopting the technology which is the only way out to resilience the challenging time. In fact, librarians and library staff have demonstrated their skills, empathy and flexibility during lockdown to respond to the rapidly evolving situation. And in such circumstances the website, social networks and other applications are an essential and dynamic platform to connect and serve the targeted users. But technology cannot do this alone. In this unique and urgent situation, the role of library professionals especially in the academic institutions is very crucial to make their users aware about the facilities and services provided by them.


This training aims to equipped participants with the relevant and practice-based competencies that are essential to the effective and efficient operation of library services using digital technologies.

Specifically, it seeks to achieve the following:

  • To capacitate the librarians on maximizing productivity and users who want to access the Google Account and services they use for work from their mobile devices, laptops, and desktops from anywhere, and protect learn how to protect organization’s data.
  • To introduce digital presentation platforms like PowerPoint, Prezi, and others, and to discuss how links, video segments, and audio pieces are used in digital presentations.
  • To explain the concept of instant messaging and digital distribution platform to improve communication within the institution.
  • To discuss some online library resources and provide efficient access to a broad range of top-quality information resources.
  • To build on Librarians' teaching skills to promote Information Literacy and Digital Literacy across the curriculum.
  • To capacitate librarians and users on some basic and advance troubleshooting fundamentals.
  • To discuss some challenges and innovations in the library services in the new normal.

Registration link:

There is a registration fee of 350 pesos which can be paid through GCash to:
GCash No.: 09778527389
Account Name: Jomar M. Urbano

Registration is until September 14, 2022 only

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