Video: Almost scammed! Security Bank online banking scam call & fake rewards

This is unrelated to librarianship but just a reminder and warning to be very vigilant about your bank account and personal details. There are so many scammers and fishy people nowadays who just want easy money. Stay safe.

Someone who claimed to be from Security Bank (Philippines) said that there would be 'rewards' to be deposited in my account worth 5,000 pesos. The caller sounded so professional that I almost took the bait. Then, I received an OTP from Security Bank when I wasn't touching my online banking at all (account is not connected to online banking). The text message said that someone is trying to create an online banking account and log in. When the caller asked for the OTP, I realized it was a scam. She said she needed the OTP so that she can deposit the money. I ended the call, called Customer Service and reported the number and incident. I also went to the bank branch the next day to update my passbook and make sure there were no suspicious transactions.

Thanks to Security Bank for the fast customer service, but I won't be depositing for awhile until I feel safe.

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