Globe Media Excellence Awards 2020 honor exemplary works of media and bloggers amid the pandemic

The role of media and bloggers during the current crisis has never been more important as people rely on them to deliver breaking news, updates, and in-depth reports about the pandemic whether inside the country or abroad.

These modern-day heroes also deserve recognition for the risks they take and their important contributions in keeping the public informed.  Thus, for this year, Globe’s annual Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) was dedicated to honoring the newsmakers as well as their organizations for exemplary work in bringing COVID-19-related issues to the attention of the public via print, broadcast, or digital media.

“Even with the challenges that 2020 gave us, we are grateful to you for demonstrating purposeful reporting. The newsroom has significantly evolved. It is now at the palm of your hands. As we continue to work towards one digital nation, we are allies in connecting Filipinos, arming them with quality news and information to help them better understand what is happening around us and ultimately improve their lives,” Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu told the newsmakers during the GMEA online awarding ceremonies which gathered all the judges, screeners, and participants in one big digital venue for the first time.   The event may be viewed at

To this, Globe SVP for Corporate Affairs Yoly Crisanto added: “Much like our doctors and nurses who we call our frontliners, newsmakers have also been given a tall order and that is the responsibility to continue to deliver accurate and timely news updates to their readers and followers. We salute you for fulfilling your duties unfailingly despite the pandemic disrupting our way of life and forcing us to adjust in order to function.”

For 2020, GMEA  received over 400 entries from Visayas and Mindanao.  Of the submitted works, 91 were chosen as finalists for Visayas and 72 for Mindanao. 

GMEA, which is now in its 8th year, was created to recognize media practitioners and outfits as well as bloggers in Visayas and Mindanao who delivered stories that are dynamic, progressive, accurate and truthful.  GMEA is also seen as a way to honor them for upholding the essential ideals of journalism in whatever way or form in order to benefit future generations.

This year’s winners are:  

Explanatory/Investigative  Story of the Year for Digital

Visayas - (CEB) Dale Israel, Ador Vincent Mayol, Nestle Semilla, and Connie Fernandez-Brojan
             “Cebu City cries out: 'We need more docs, nurses' (Part 1)/ Overworked Cebu nurses seek    
              aid as morale drops (Part 2)”
Mindanao - (DVO) Ace June Rell Perez
“Infodemic amid pandemic”

Explanatory/Investigative  Video Story of the Year for Digital

Visayas - (BCD) Erwin Nicavera
“Emotional Monster”
Mindanao - (CDO) Rhyndl Nephi-Z (Nef Luczon) 
“Feature:  Northern Mindanao Medical Center”

Breaking News  of the Year for Digital

Visayas - (CEB) Neil Jean Navarro and  Laureen MondoƱedo - Ynot
“Chinese man with nCoV dies in Manila hospital”
Mindanao - (DVO) Ace June Rell Perez
“Mati tourism reopens; health measures implemented”

Photo of the Year for Digital

Visayas - (CEB) Aldo Banaynal
“Hotspot Zapatera”
Mindanao - (DVO) Erwin MacariƱas
“Children against an inferno”

Social Media Advocacy  of the Year 

Visayas - (CEB) Ram Mancelita
“'s "Wala'y Biyaay (Walang Iwanan): Mental Health”
Mindanao - (DVO) Ace June Rell Perez
“A convo series”

Blog of the Year Award

Visayas - (BCD) Maria Sigrid Lo
“Resilient Pinay Moms + Other Stories of Hope”
Mindanao - (DVO) Verna Liza Luga
Woman Elan Vital

News Report of the Year  for Print

Visayas - (BCD) Erwin Nicavera
“Barter group helps Negrense farmers cope with pandemic”
Mindanao -(DVO) Ace June Rell Perez
“The protocol heals or kills”

Explanatory/Investigative  Story or Documentary of  the Year for Print

Visayas - (CEB) Cherry Ann Lim
“Filipino children most appealing to global online sex predators (Part 1)/ Covid-19
lockdown creates ‘perfect storm’ for sexual abuse of children online (Part 2) ”
Mindanao - (DVO) Ace June Rell Perez
“Teachers on the frontlines (Two-part series)”

News Report of the Year  for Radio

Visayas - (CEB) Rowena Capistrano
Noah Complex namugna bunga sa gugma sa biktima sa covid-19.”
Mindanao - (DVO) Rose Bernales
“Nihit nga blood supply nasinati karon pandemic”

Explanatory/Investigative  Story or Documentary of  the Year for Television

Mindanao - (GSN) Jerry Dumdum, Jr.

“Tindog Mindanao”

Covid-19 Story of the  Year 

Visayas - (ILO) Rhick Lars Vladimer Albay
“How this mayor turned Iloilo into a model city with its "all action" approach to fight  COVID-19”
Mindanao - (CDO) Lina Sagaral Reyes
“Barangay Carmen prepares for game-changing Covid-19 survey/Oca  compares antibody survey to basketball 'offense' 

Community Development Story of  the Year

Visayas - (BCD) Erwin Nicavera
“"Plant. Grow. Share."
Mindanao - (CDO) Angelo Lorenzo
“Private school develops Covid-19 tracker to help LGUs”

Newsmaker of the Year 

Visayas - (CEB) Maria Lourdes "Nini" Cabaero 
SunStar Publishing, Inc.
Mindanao - (CDO) Lina Sagaral Reyes

Editor of the Year 

Visayas - (CEB) Michelle So 
SunStar Publishing, Inc.
Mindanao - (DVO) Reuel John Lumawag
“SunStar Davao”

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