Apply for NCCA's assistance program for workers in libraries, museums, and historical research

The National Committees on Historical Research, Libraries and Information Services, and Museums of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is offering a financial assistance program for cultural heritage workers in the following fields: library and information services, museum services, and historical research. 

The one-time cash assistance grant provided will be 5,000 pesos. There are 70 slots for licensed librarians. 

The deadline of application is on May 24, 2020, Sunday.

Read the complete guidelines: Cultural Heritage Workers Assitance Program

Online Application Form and file for Declaration of First Time Recipient (accessible on the later part of the Google form)

The criteria for selection of beneficiaries include:
  • At least 21 years old, displaced from work, and experiencing a loss of or decrease in income due to the impact of the Enhanced Community Quarantine and the COVID 19 public health crisis.
  • Cultural Heritage Workers shall include librarians, conservators, historians, and museum workers who are not under an employer-employee relationship, without a regular income, working as a consultant, freelancer, or self-employed, with no benefits, and those whose source of income are affected by the cancellation of events, conferences, workshops and other cultural activities and by the closure of educational and cultural institutions, libraries, archives, and museums.

For a full list of criteria, please read the document: Cultural Heritage Workers Assistance program 

However, those who are disqualified for this program are the following:
  • Officials, employees, and consultants of the Commission and the Executive Council members of the 19 National Committees of NCCA
  • those receiving pensions
  • those who have existing contracts
  • government employees
  • faculty members of Higher Education Institutions and other educational institutions with a guarantee of regular salaries
  • recipients of the first batch of NCCA cash assistance, of the NCCA-Artist Welfare of the Philippines Inc., and NCCA-Film Academy of the Philippines
  • beneficiaries of the NCCATUPAD
  • recipients of Disaster Emergency Assistance and Relief Program of the Film Development Council of the Philippines and open house assistance program are not qualified to apply to this program.

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