#Humans of the Library: Luis Asuncion, RL, Librarian and Writer

I am introducing a new series on my blog, "Humans of the Library" where I will feature Filipinos in the Library field. I hope that this will also shed light on the different people from all walks of life who work in the library profession.

Mr. Luis G. Asuncion, RL, MLIS
Our first 'Human of the Library' guest is Luis G. Asuncion, RL, MLIS, a librarian, and writer from the city of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines. He graduated his Library and Information Science degree from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, Manila. He has been working as a librarian for 22 years.

I knew Mr. Asuncion when he sent me a link to one of his blog entries. He also writes about a variety of topics including librarianship on his Hubpages site [link]. Here are some of his essays that Filipino librarians may find interesting: Librarian and the Coffee, Librarians are the master of all Information, and Why there are only few Filipino Library and Information Science Book Authors.

He is also an author of a book on Library Science, Library Literature for Children and Young Adults published by Mindshapers Co., Inc.

Let's get to know him and how he got into the library profession:

Why did you become a librarian? 
I became a librarian because my first choice during my college enrollment was not available for the day class.  I wanted to become a journalist at that time and due to that program was only available at night class. I had no choice but to take my second choice which is BLIS.

What makes librarianship special, unique, or different from other professions?
Being a Librarian has an advantage, due to a wide range of knowledge you can learn.

You also have a blog/page about librarianship.
Actually, this blog is good for general readers. However, most of all is about Librarianship.

Aside from librarianship, what else are your main interests and hobbies?
Writing and playing bass guitar

Is there anything else you would like to share about librarianship?
Read, Read, Read

You have published a book on librarianship. Can you tell us about it and how to get a copy for those interested?
Library Literature for Children and Young Adults by Mindshapers Co., Inc. Those interested can check the publisher or my contact agent, Steph Chua, at 09175596005.

Thanks to Mr. Asuncion for his time in answering these few questions.

I'm still looking for other librarians or people who work in the library field who can be featured in this blog. I'd like to interview librarians but this is also open to library work students, LIS teachers, library personnel, and para-professionals. Anyone, really, with an interest in books, literature, and libraries.

If you would like to be featured in this series, don't hesitate to drop a comment or message me on the Malditang Librarian Facebook page.

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